Launch of e-flux journal No. 70 with a talk by Hito Steyerl and screening of Harun Farocki’s Parallel I-IV

Launch of e-flux journal No. 70 with a talk by Hito Steyerl and screening of Harun Farocki’s Parallel I-IV

Please join us for a talk by Hito Steyerl on the future museum and planetary civil war, followed by a screening of Harun Farocki’s Parallel I–IV (2012–2014).

“One might think that the active historical role of a tank would be over once it became part of a historical display. But this pedestal seems to have acted as temporary storage from which the tank could be redeployed directly into battle. Apparently, the way into the museum—or even into history itself—is not a one-way street. Is the museum a garage? An arsenal? Is a monument pedestal a military base?”

—Hito Steyerl, “A Tank on a Pedestal: Museums in an Age of Planetary Civil War,” e-flux journal no. 70 (February 2016)

Parallel I–V, Harun Farocki

Parallel I Color, 16 min., 2012 Parallel II Color, 9 min., 2014 Parallel III Color, 7 min., 2014 Parallel IV Color, 11 min., 2014 | Courtesy Antje Ehmann / Harun Farocki Filmproduktion and Greene Naftali Gallery, New York

“This series reflects on elements of game worlds, on polygons, NPC’s, 8-bit graphics, arse physics and unilateral surfaces. Ok, I made up the arse physics, sorry. Paralell I–IV sketches the first draft of a history of computer-generated images that is still emerging as we speak. It skims the surfaces of virtual worlds and coolly scans their glitches. Paralell I–IV is so humble, so concise, so charming and bloody fantastic that I could go on about it for hours. You are so lucky it hasn’t got arse physics or else I would.”

—Hito Steyerl, “Beginnings,” e-flux journal no. 59—”Harun Farocki” (November 2014)

For more information and to RSVP, contact program@e-flux.com.

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