Ten Minutes Older

Herz Frank

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Herz Frank, Ten Minutes Older (still), 1978.

Festival Forum: International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2020 Ten Minutes Older
Herz Frank

10 Minutes

Festival Forum

Friday, June 12, 2020

e-flux and the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen are pleased to present Herz Frank’s Ten Minutes Older (1978), the fifth film in the joint series From My Window / From Your Window.

The title Ten Minutes Older refers to the length of this cinematic experiment about the power of exaltation, but also to the toddlers and preschoolers appearing before the camera. Ten minutes of their lives go by while they watch a puppet show, of which director Herz Frank shows us nothing at all. All we see are the concentrated expressions of the little kids. (IDFA)

Described by the director as his “model documentary,” Ten Minutes Older remains one of the most wondrous ruminations on the passage of time, and on the immersive thrill of watching, to be captured on film.

Experimental Film, Documentary
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Herz Frank (1926-2013) was one of Latvia’s most influential documentary filmmakers, and among the first to establish the so-called Riga Poetic Documentary School—the Latvian “new wave”—at the beginning of 1960. Since then his filmography includes more than eighty films, earning him recognition by the Latvian National Film Festival (2001) for his life contribution to cinema, among other awards.

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