Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina

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Sid Iandovka and Anya Tsyrlina, Horizōn (still), 2019.

Staff picks Horizōn
Sid Iandovka, Anya Tsyrlina

7 Minutes

Staff picks

August 1–31, 2021

Join us on e-flux Video & Film for an online screening of Sid Iandovka and Anya Tsyrlina's Horizōn (2019), streaming from Sunday, August 1 through Tuesday, August 31, 2021. The film is presented alongside Anya Tsyrlina's All Other Things Equal (2020) and Sid Iandovka's Mysteries (2021), as part of the monthly series Staff picks.

The moment we think of the world as disenchanted . . . we set limits to the ways the past can be narrated.
—Dipesh Chakrabarty

An unremarkable random '70s newsreel from the artists’ hometown in Soviet Siberia forms the substrate for a relentless exploration of the representational and narratological techniques. Without ever collapsing into a “story” or abstraction, Horizōn recants the relationship between analog and digital, surface and reference, sense and experience, past and present. (Thomas Zummer)For more information, contact program@e-flux.com.

Reportage, Film
Soviet Union, Storytelling, Abstraction, Time, Representation, Video Art
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Sid Iandovka and Anya Tsyrlina (both born in Novosibirsk, USSR) are an artist-duo whose practice extends across many different media, predominantly moving images. Though only selected works of theirs are co-authored in a traditional sense, as both have distinct interests and aesthetics, they have collaborated (on and off) for over twenty years—ultimately creating a joint, entirely independent, “homemade” production approach for their films.

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