Artist Cinemas

Artist Cinemas is a long-term, online series of film programs focused on exploring the moving image as understood by people who make film. It is informed by the vulnerability and enchantment of the artistic process—producing non-linear forms of knowledge and expertise that exist outside of academic or institutional frameworks. It will also acknowledge the circles of friendship and mutual inspiration that bind the artistic community. Over time this platform will trace new contours and produce different understandings of the moving image.

Recent years have seen a vast proliferation of moving image in art exhibitions and an increasing interest in artists’ work by film festivals. Most of these platforms reflect the perspectives of curators and film selectors, who usually do not make films themselves. Artist Cinemas is a new platform that is programmed by artists as artists: people with an implicated knowledge of film.

Artists are invited to curate a thematic weekly screening program on e-flux Video & Film over the period of six weeks, with each new film accompanied by an interview with the filmmaker by the artist or an invited guest.

Take Me Back

Convened by Jumana Manna
August 19—October 3, 2020
With Omar Amiralay, Kush Badhwar, Mikhail Lylov and Elke Marhöfer, Caroline Monnet, Ibrahim Shaddad, and Deborah Stratman; in conversation with Shuruq Harb, Shahira Issa, Fawz Kabra, Jumana Manna, and Sahar Qawasmi and Nida Sinnokrot

War and Cinema

Convened by Oleksiy Radynski
June 17—July 29, 2020
With Yuriy Hrytsyna; Andriy Rachinskiy and Daniil Revkovskiy; Forensic Architecture; Yelizaveta Smith and Georg Genoux; Dana Kavelina; Oleksandr Steshenko, Kateryna Libkind, Pavlo Yurov, Roman Himey and Yarema Malaschuk; in conversation with Oleksiy Radynski, Oleksiy Kuchansky, and Kateryna Libkind

École du soir

Convened by Christian Nyampeta
April 29—June 9, 2020
With Kivu Ruhorahoza, Rahima Gambo, Philbert Aimé Mbabazi, Amelia Umuhire, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa, and Wanuri Kahiu in conversation with Natacha Nsabimana, Ogemdi Ude, Aïcha Diallo, Yasmina Price, Andros Zins-Browne, and Shariffa Ali

Artist Cinemas Take Me Back War and Cinema École du soir
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