Matt Mullican, Sleeping Child (detail), 1973/2014. Wood, pillow. Installation view at PRAXES. Courtesy of the artist.

Matt Mullican, Sleeping Child (detail), 1973/2014. Wood, pillow. Installation view at PRAXES. Courtesy of the artist.

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art

Cycle 3: Christina Mackie | Matt Mullican

PRAXES Center for Contemporary Art is a not-for-profit venue for international contemporary art and research in Berlin founded in 2013. Situated in a two-story 200-square-meter former community building, PRAXES presents half-year cycles of... continue reading

This week: August 14 - August 20 / 2014






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Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s “_/_____/_/__/________”By Ana Teixeira Pinto

The Phasmida are an order of insects whose rocking march always seems hesitant. Every step they take, “stick insects”—as Phasmida are commonly called due to their resemblance to sticks or leaves—will reluctantly stretch out a leg, making cadenced, side-to-side movements as if tentatively rehearsing the next. Biologists will tell you... continue reading

“New Dawn”By Natasha Ginwala

When foraging for food in the wild, orangutans conduct an intriguing ritual known as the “fruit stare.”(1) It unleashes a mimetic contract hinged upon intentionality and co-presence. What makes the tree surrender its fruit? The practiced stare of the orangutan coaxes it into interdependency—and possibly, divulgence—while registering a... continue reading

David HorvitzBy Andrew Berardini

Irregularly and perhaps just a bit irrationally, lawmakers and treaties carve hard demarcations of time from a spinning globe. Workers clock in there, the lunch hour is now here—Daylight Savings Time always confused the hell out of me. Whatever you think noon is, it’s now mostly an abstraction. Time zones... continue reading

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Call for applications: “Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context” Artist Fellowship ProgramNida Art Colony (Vilnius Academy of Arts)

"Counterhegemony: Art in a Social Context" is a seven-week Artist Fellowship Program at NIDA Art Colony that looks at genealogy, or the epistemic context within which bodies of knowledge become intelligible and authoritative, as a point of departure in art production. It is aimed at any art or cultural production that exists within or in... continue reading

Seeking MFA applicationsMassey University College of Creative Arts, New Zealand 

Conference in São Paulo: “Global Contexts of the Contemporary Latin American Art Market”Art Market Studies, University of Zurich

Open call for Curators’ Agenda, a research residency programme for curatorsBLOCKFREI

Final call for applications: Masters in Visual Art and Audiovisual ArtsLUCA School of Arts

Exhibition and symposium on contemporary Taiwanese artHerbert F. Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell University

2014 fall season kicks off with two photography exhibitionsHalsey Institute of Contemporary Art, School of the Arts at the College of Charleston

The Small InfiniteJohn Hansard Gallery

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