Ruth Orkin, American Girl in Italy, 1951.

Ruth Orkin, American Girl in Italy, 1951.


e-flux conversations: diversifying art history, subsuming poetry, feminizing the flâneur

In case you missed out, here's a digest of the top stories on e-flux conversations from July–August 2016. The dérive isn't just for dudes: On the flâneuse The transgression of the female flâneur: she goes where she's not supposed to. ... continue reading

This week: August 18 - August 24 / 2016






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Spaces—The Sexual Potential of the GalleryBy Amanda Lee Koe

Spaces is a feature of art-agenda that proposes a thematic examination of galleries based on the analysis of their physical and spatial configurations. Every two months, art-agenda publishes a new reflection on the spatial characteristics of galleries, their architecture, identity, and relation with their historical and geographical context. The... continue reading

Michael Rakowitz’s “The invisible enemy should not exist”By Ana Teixeira Pinto

The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist (Aj-ibur-shapu), from which Michael Rakowitz’s exhibition at Barbara Wien in Berlin borrows its name, was how the street which ran through the gate of Ishtar, in ancient Babylon, was known. Built around 575 BC under King Nebuchadnezzar II and dedicated to the goddess Ishtar,... continue reading

Mark Leckey’s “UniAddDumThs”By Valerio Mannucci

Mark Leckey’s exhibition at Sant’Andrea de Scaphis, the Roman location of Gavin Brown’s enterprise, is the latest iteration of a series running back to the 2013 Hayward Touring show “The Universal Addressability of Dumb Things.” The original display took inspiration from digital images collected on Leckey’s hard drive, physical... continue reading

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Yearbook – New Art from Piet Zwart Institute and Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and School Watch report from San Franciscoart&education

art&education features Yearbook – New Art, a platform for schools to present student work from MFA shows, open-studio presentations, and other annual student exhibitions. Yearbook exhibitions currently on view: Piet Zwart Institute ASSEMBLE RELATIVES: Piet Zwart Institute Master Fine Art Exhibition Curated by Maaike Gouwenberg, Assemble... continue reading

Intro (Writing’s On the Wall) at new gallery Slide Space 123Mills College

Issue #4Stedelijk Studies

Fall 2016 Visiting Artists Lecture SeriesPratt Institute

Spring 2017 Residency Program and Advisory CommitteePioneer Works

Call for applications: Gallerist Master Course 2016Estonian Contemporary Art Development Center (ECADC)

Division of Continuing Education fall 2016 information sessionsSchool of Visual Arts (SVA)

Curating The International Diaspora: “Is the Curator an Agent or Double Agent of Cultural Identity?” presented with International Curators ForumAsia Culture Center (ACC)

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