Sislej Xhafa, Benvenuto, 2000.

Sislej Xhafa, Benvenuto, 2000.

MAXXI - National Museum of XXI Century Arts

Sislej Xhafa

A major retrospective devoted to an ironic, subversive artist who draws inspiration from the complexity and contradictions of reality. The exhibition's title is taken from the major installation created by the artist in 2000 within the ambit of... continue reading

This week: May 25 - May 31 / 2016








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Jonas Staal’s “Propagandas”By Anders Kreuger

Although I usually find conspicuously inarticulate people more annoying than those who are just a bit too articulate, I confess to having harbored a certain reserve toward 35-year-old Dutch artist Jonas Staal. His work as an artist includes doctoral research at the University of Leiden, extensive public lecturing, and setting... continue reading

San Francisco RoundupBy Jeanne Gerrity

The opening of a temporary exhibition space co-hosted by Andrew Kreps and Anton Kern, at a new gallery complex called Minnesota Street Project in San Francisco’s Dogpatch district, was timed to correspond with the arrival of the international art world elite to fête SFMOMA. These openings and reopenings come at a... continue reading

Amie Siegel’s “The Spear in the Stone”By Orit Gat

Exhibition spaces are, at times, haunted by the work they housed in the past. Walk through a museum and former installations will reverberate. Think of the Arsenale in Venice, visited by the ghosts of biennials past. This is all the more evident in galleries. The steady relationship between a gallery... continue reading

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Call for applications: Publication Grant presented with Terra Foundation for American ArtCollege Art Association (CAA)

The College Art Association (CAA) and Terra Foundation for American Art invite applications for the 2017 Terra Foundation for American Art International Publication Grant. The grant provides financial support for the publication of book-length scholarly manuscripts on the history of American art from circa 1500 to 1980 in the current-day... continue reading

2016 MFA exhibition in New YorkThe Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia

Priorities: The Talk ShowPiet Zwart Institute

Symposium 2016ST PAUL St Gallery at AUT University

Seeking PresidentCalifornia Institute of the Arts (CalArts)

Poetry of the Real: Conversations on Arts Research symposiumHochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst (HGK) FHNW – Campus der Kuenste

Qalqalah published with Bétonsalon – Center for Art and ResearchKadist

New DirectorArt Gallery of Guelph

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