Nick Mauss, 1NVERS1ONS, 2014. Performance view, Frieze Projects at Frieze London, 2014. Photo: Polly Braden. Courtesy of Polly Braden/Frieze.

Nick Mauss, 1NVERS1ONS, 2014. Performance view, Frieze Projects at Frieze London, 2014. Photo: Polly Braden. Courtesy of Polly Braden/Frieze.

Frieze Foundation

Frieze Projects seeks curator

Frieze seeks an experienced curator to oversee and direct the celebrated non-profit programme for Frieze London 2016. Encompassing Frieze Projects, Frieze Film, Frieze Music and the Frieze Artist's Award, the programme invites artists from a... continue reading

This week: July 24 - July 30 / 2015






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“In Motion”By Claudia Arozqueta

“In Motion,” the group exhibition currently on view at Starkwhite, Auckland, is a continuous dance of colors, with works from four contemporary artists from Australia and New Zealand—Rebecca Baumann, Brendan Van Hek, Grant Stevens, and Alicia Frankovich—and two historical artists: the Hungarian-American artist László Moholy-Nagy... continue reading

Spaces—The Live/Work GalleryBy Jonathan Griffin

Spaces is a feature of art-agenda that proposes a thematic examination of galleries based on the analysis of their physical and spatial configurations. Every two months, art-agenda publishes a new reflection on the spatial characteristics of galleries, their architecture, identity, and relation with their historical and geographical context. The... continue reading

Sojourner Truth Parsons’ “I Got Allergies”By Andrew Berardini

The soothing whispers of the song drift beneath the shift and chatter of the opening party like a lavender mist, velvety fingers. The next door gallery was open but not opening. Empty, its harsh white lights beam like a drugstore. But here, the light is softer. Everything is softer. Ooh baby... continue reading

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MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research Class of 2015Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)

The Faculty of PNCA's MA in Critical Theory and Creative Research program congratulate the 16 members of the Class of 2015 on the successful completion of their research theses: Sarah Jo Akers  "How to Design a Guilty Pleasure" Leon-Miguel Santos Cerdeña   "Towards an Integral Media Ecology" Daniel James Cloyd  "Cloud and Aura: A... continue reading

Studio Practice Residency: accepting applications for fall 2015Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design (AICAD)

Call for applications: Artistic research fellowshipBergen Academy of Art and Design (KHiB)

MFA in Visual Art presents public events and symposia at VCFA summer residency 2015Vermont College of Fine Arts (VCFA)

Seeking a Managing DirectorÉcole européenne supérieure d’art de Bretagne (EESAB)

Graduate research programs in the Faculty of Art Design & ArchitectureMonash University Art Design & Architecture (MADA)

Yearbook and School Watch: Piet Zwart Institute, Yale School of Art, and Columbia School of the Arts MFAart&education

Research: Cinefication, Biodiversity, Power and PracticeMiddlesex University

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