Sea of clouds, Hohneck summit, Vosges, France. © D.R.

Sea of clouds, Hohneck summit, Vosges, France. © D.R.

49 Nord 6 Est – Frac Lorraine

Rumors of the Meteor

Isn’t it about time to stop the doomsaying? To turn towards a creative—rather than a castrating—ecology? To shake free from fear-mongering and to imagine new possibilities? Jubilant invention and dreams are in urgent demand. A proposition... continue reading

This week: September 17 - September 23 / 2014








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abc art berlin contemporaryBy Judith Vrancken

The 7th edition of abc art berlin contemporary, as in previous years, embodies the event of exhibition rather than the collective buying and selling of art. As the fair’s organizers have prominently emphasized, this year includes a vast program of 40 performances, lectures, readings, sound works, films, and theater productions:... continue reading

“I Like Girls”By Megan Dunn

“I like Girls” is a stockroom show loosely organized around a statement that irreverently alludes to feminism, which combines Barbara Kruger’s Untitled (We Will No Longer Be Seen and Not Heard) (1985) with a range of works by New Zealand artists Ava Seymour and Yvonne Todd. At the last minute... continue reading

“The Great Acceleration: Art in the Anthropocene”By Laura McLean-Ferris

“The Great Acceleration: Art in the Anthropocene,” curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, casts human subjects as both increasingly ghostly, stressing limitations and finitudes, as well more aligned with the organic, strange, and sensory. In other words: both more dead and more alive. These qualities have been thrown into relief by the... continue reading

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Approaching deadlines for MFA and MA programs and an Open HouseCity University of New York (CUNY)

The Graduate programs at The City College of New York, offer distinguished choices for students interested in pursuing careers in the arts. Study and create art in the heart of New York City with faculty members actively engaged in the NYC art scene as well as national and international forums for art and scholarship.... continue reading

Publication Studio sets up shopWilliams College Museum of Art (WCMA)

Open House and full-time programs open for applicationsInternational Center of Photography

Mike Cloud: recipient of the inaugural 2015 Chiaro AwardHeadlands Center for the Arts

Aesthetic Jam at the Taipei Biennial 2014Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)

Antonio FrasconiPurchase College, SUNY

Lorenzo Fusi appointed Artistic Director for the 47th International Contemporary Art Prize (PIAC 2016)Fondation Prince Pierre de Monaco

Indian Summer 2014 artists’ talksDe Ateliers

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