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Release of HOW TO ACT?

Contemporary art in its ability to think, invent and represent the democratic changes of Europe in an era of globalisation. This is a joint laboratory for inventive and collaborative democratic building. HOW TO ACT? is a dynamic extension of the A.... continue reading

This week: August 26 - September 01 / 2014








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Daniel Steegmann Mangrané’s “_/_____/_/__/________”By Ana Teixeira Pinto

The Phasmida are an order of insects whose rocking march always seems hesitant. Every step they take, “stick insects”—as Phasmida are commonly called due to their resemblance to sticks or leaves—will reluctantly stretch out a leg, making cadenced, side-to-side movements as if tentatively rehearsing the next. Biologists will tell you... continue reading

“New Dawn”By Natasha Ginwala

When foraging for food in the wild, orangutans conduct an intriguing ritual known as the “fruit stare.”(1) It unleashes a mimetic contract hinged upon intentionality and co-presence. What makes the tree surrender its fruit? The practiced stare of the orangutan coaxes it into interdependency—and possibly, divulgence—while registering a... continue reading

David HorvitzBy Andrew Berardini

Irregularly and perhaps just a bit irrationally, lawmakers and treaties carve hard demarcations of time from a spinning globe. Workers clock in there, the lunch hour is now here—Daylight Savings Time always confused the hell out of me. Whatever you think noon is, it’s now mostly an abstraction. Time zones... continue reading

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Graduate Art MFA program welcomes Diana Thater as new Chair and Laura Owens as Visiting Professor for 2014–15Art Center College of Design

With a core faculty of 12 internationally recognized artists and writers, an adjunct faculty of 21 and a total of 35 students, we have the highest faculty-to-student ratio of all comparable MFA programs. The result is an intense work environment where concentrated art-making is assured equally concentrated and careful attention, whether within... continue reading

Call for applications: Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Fine ArtsUniversity of the Arts Helsinki

Call for applications: 2015 Fieldwork: MarfaGeneva University of Art and Design

We Will Work With You: Wellington Media Collective 1978–1998ST PAUL St Gallery

2014–15 McKinney Visiting Artist SeriesIndiana University, Bloomington

Stacy, a commissioned project by Wynne GreenwoodDouglas F. Cooley Memorial Art Gallery, Reed College

Call for applications: Master of Research in Art & DesignSint-Lukas Antwerpen

Volume 11 out nowStudies in Material Thinking

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