Wilfredo Prieto, Viaje infinito (detail). Scaled model in cardboard, 300 x 200 cm. 

 Wilfredo Prieto, Viaje infinito (detail). Scaled model in cardboard, 300 x 200 cm. 

Botín Foundation

Itinerarios XXI

Between 28 March and 31 May, the Fundación Botín exhibition hall in Santander will be hosting the 21st edition of the Itinerarios exhibit, an annual showcase that is now celebrating its 21st anniversary as a virtual gauge for the state of the arts... continue reading

This week: March 21 - March 27 / 2015








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Nil YalterBy Agnieszka Gratza

The recent resurgence of interest in the pioneering work of Turkish artist Nil Yalter (b. 1938), whose career spans four decades, owes much to Cornelia Butler’s 2007 exhibition “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. In her retrospective of feminist art from the... continue reading

Davide Balula’s “A journey through you and the leaves”By Mara Hoberman

Featuring bright colors and interactive technology, Davide Balula’s current exhibition seems, at first glance, a significant departure from the artist’s earthy process-oriented oeuvre. It’s certainly in stark visual contrast to his last show with Frank Elbaz, “The Buried Works” in 2012, which turned the gallery into a vivarium with... continue reading

Lothar Hempel’s “Tropenkoller”By Charlie Fox

“Tropenkoller” translates from German to English as “tropical frenzy,” but the climate seen in these ten pieces collected over the last five years and exhibited at Modern Art, London doesn’t really come from anywhere other than some intoxicated area within Lothar Hempel’s brain. Throughout the two decades of his career, Hempel... continue reading

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