Photo: Marcin Maziej.

Photo: Marcin Maziej.

WRO Art Center

WRO Media Art Biennale 2015: exhibitions and awards

Check the full program of the exhibitions at the Biennale's website. During the week of its opening events, Biennale WRO 2015 Test Exposure has been visited by over 30,000 visitors, including the special program for the European Museum Night,... continue reading

This week: May 18 - May 24 / 2015








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“The Bank Show: Vive Le Capital”By Ming Lin

An exhibition title containing a phrase like “Vive Le Capital” suggests a degree of irony in its subject matter. With a roster of some 24 artists and ambitious claims of “exploring the omnipresent power of global finance,” one expects an assortment of vaguely related works—critiques, interventions, manifestos—all of which gravitate... continue reading

Iman Issa’s “Lexicon”By Orit Gat

What is the role of description in the way we talk about art? In art-historical discourse, iconography won out over formal analysis. The focus on line, color, and shape was replaced by the primacy of the subject matter. But more often than not, talking about art means talking about stuff... continue reading

Vitaly Komar’s “Allegories of Justice”By Kim Levin

Vitaly Komar, formerly half of the illustrious team Komar & Melamid, which split in 2003, continues to paint in a style he has dubbed “New Symbolism.” For more than a decade, his virtuosic paintings of the proverbial scales of justice, tiny birds of truth, hulking Russian bears waving red flags,... continue reading

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Summer residencies 2015European Graduate School

Established in the Swiss mountains in 1994, The European Graduate School (EGS) is comprised of its renowned divisions, Arts, Health and Society (AHS) and Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (PACT—formerly Media and Communication). Composed of an outstanding and diverse community of artists, thinkers, scholars, and practitioners, EGS has become... continue reading

Head of the Fine Arts department: position openingRoyal Academy of Art, The Hague

2015 thesis exhibitionsPacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA)

MFA group exhibition: IN A CERTAIN WAYCornell University

Teresa Hubbard / Alexander BirchlerBlaffer Art Museum at the University of Houston

dirt-e: MFA Studio Art thesis showMontclair State University, College of the Arts

School Watch: USC MFAs drop out and Karen Archey reports from Rutgersart&education

Solo exhibition of new and recent work by Alyson ShotzHalsey Institute of Contemporary Art at School of the Arts, College of Charleston

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