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May 3, 2017
Robin Kelsey
An Inversion
April 26, 2017
Emily Apter
April 19, 2017
Orit Halpern
Hopeful Resilience
April 12, 2017
April 5, 2017
March 29, 2017
March 27, 2017
Refugee Heritage
March 22, 2017
Refugee Heritage
March 15, 2017
Refugee Heritage
March 8, 2017
Part 2
Refugee Heritage
March 1, 2017
Refugee Heritage
February 22, 2017
February 17, 2017
February 14, 2017
Thomas Keenan
Or are we human beings?
February 6, 2017

The climate is not the weather. Weather can be experienced, but to understand climate, media is necessary. As the computational capacity to manage meteorological data emerged in the middle of the twentieth century, so did the means of visualizing and disseminating these new forms of complex information.

Refugee camps are established with the intention of being demolished. As a paradigmatic representation of political failure, they are meant to have no history and no future; they are meant to be forgotten. The only history that is recognized within refugee communities is one of violence and humiliation. Yet the camp is also a place rich with stories narrated through its urban fabric.

The field of design has radically expanded. As a practice, design is no longer limited to the world of material objects, but rather extends from carefully crafted individual looks and online identities, to the surrounding galaxies of personal devices, new materials, interfaces, networks, systems, infrastructures, data, chemicals, organisms, and genetic codes.

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