February 10, 2013 - LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte - MUENSTER. art + public 2013/14
February 10, 2013

MUENSTER. art + public 2013/14

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MUENSTER. art + public 2013/14

Symposium 01
“The Sculpture Projects Archive. Potential and Perspectives”
March 19 and 20, 2013

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Ramping up for Sculpture Projects 2017:  
International conference underscores Muenster’s ambition to be a center for art in public spaces

The City of Muenster has teamed up with LWL-Landesmuseum in a bid to establish an enduring reputation for itself as a center for art in public spaces. Two international conferences and an artist project in the urban domain attest to the city’s staunch commitment. The first conference is due to take place on March 19 and 20, 2013, at the LWL-Landeshaus.

2017 will see the fifth edition of the Sculpture Projects Muenster, which continues to be the most renowned international event devoted to art in public spaces. Thanks to it, LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte and the City of Muenster reflect upon almost 40 years of solid local expertise in the field. By way of various joint activities, they seek to consolidate this knowledge, revive the bedrock of insights and ensure their enduring presence—beyond the 10-year rhythm of the Sculpture Projects. 

Symposium 01
“The Sculpture Projects Archive. Potential and Perspectives” in March at LWL-Landeshaus
Scheduled for the spring, “The Sculpture Projects Archive. Potential and Perspectives,” organized by LWL-Landesmuseum will focus on the archive amassed by the Sculpture Projects. The two-day conference on March 19 and 20, 2013, was devised by Melanie Bono, Deputy Director and Curator for Contemporary Art at LWL-Landesmuseum, in collaboration with the Muenster Art Academy. 

Inaugurated in 1977 by Klaus Bussmann and Kasper Koenig, the Sculpture Projects Muenster are today considered one of the most influential contemporary art exhibitions the world over. The projects have functioned as a “long-term study” of the complex relationship between art and the public realm. The four Sculpture Projects staged since the 1970s have become an international art scene benchmark, inspiring a plethora of similar formats. 

Four years ahead of the fifth exhibition in 2017, the conference “The Sculpture Projects Archive. Potentials and Perspectives” will shine a light on the Sculpture Projects archive in a bid to trace the concept’s history and explore pioneering ways of presenting art in the public realm going forward. The potential afforded by the archive will serve as a basis to kickstart a debate on new themes in the public perception of art.

Acting as partner of the event is the Munster Art Academy, more specifically, Professors Claudia Bluemle, Georg Imdahl and Gerd Blum. The Academy has had a Chair of Art and Public Space since 1991. The list of participants in the conference includes Kasper Koenig, Melanie Bono, Brigitte Franzen, Karin Stengel, Kurt W. Foster, André Rottmann, Maria Eichhorn, Suchan Kinoshita, Johann F. Hartle and others. Please find the program here: www.lwl-landesmuseum-muenster.de.

MUENSTER. Art + Public
The topic of art and public space continues to remain highly relevant, be it in the form of urban sculptures or landscape interventions, setting up areas for social activity or transforming erstwhile functional locations, not only among art experts, but also as an everyday experience for the inhabitants and citizens of our modern cities. The new joint activities in the city, which explore the topic “Muenster. Art + Public Space,” are destined to maximize and, above all, build on what has already been achieved. 

They draw on the accumulated (or rather acquired) know-how and experience (for example, as with the current idea of establishing an archive), while at the same time by initiating new smaller and larger, and above all ongoing projects in the public domain, consistently embedding a heightened awareness of this exciting and explosive theme in the city itself and in its public image. 

Symposium 02
“Building better Cities ? – Art in the Urban Context” in September
In connection with Tobias Rehberger’s project in Muenster’s Bahnhofsviertel district, the second conference will take place on September 13 and 14, 2013. It will be titled “Building better Cities? – Art in the Urban Context.” The focus here is on the dialog-based relationship between contemporary art in the public domain, urban development processes, and the creation of urban identities. Experts from the fields of the visual arts and urbanism will reflect on the current state of play, and formulate their ideas on what the future will bring. Tobias Rehberger’s project “the moon in alabama,” which involves redesigning existing switch cabinets in the station area, will be curated by Gail Kirkpatrick, Director of Kunsthalle Muenster, who is likewise the mind behind the conference.

Participation and contact
More information about conference tickets and registration: www.lwl-landesmuseum-muenster.de

MUENSTER. art + public 2013/14
LWL-Landesmuseum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte
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