January 13, 2011 - Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis - New exhibitions
January 13, 2011

New exhibitions

“If I Paint Crowned I’ve Had It, Got Me,” 2008.
Oil and wax on wood, on cut linen, 84 x 58 inches.*

New exhibitions

Richard Aldrich and the 19th Century French Painting
Manon de Boer: Between Perception and Sensation


The Front Room: short exhibitions

January 21 – May 1, 2011

3750 Washington Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108



Richard Aldrich and the 19th Century French Painting

Chronicling an abstract personal account of his relationships, studio practice, and his sense of history through a spectrum of techniques, New York-based artist Richard Aldrich has in recent years placed himself at the forefront of a new approach to the medium that re-thinks how a painting is made, how it is experienced, and ultimately what it all means. The Contemporary Art Museum is proud to announce the first major museum exhibition by this emerging artist, who offers a new perspective on how this most time-honored form of art can be understood. Decidedly literary and personal, Aldrich’s paintings are deeply interconnected, as he draws together elements of the studio, the cosmos of canvas scraps and books that fill it. The Contemporary presents twenty paintings spanning dense abstraction, figuration, “object paintings,” and collage–all which come together to showcase the startling breadth of his painterly investigations. In addition, Aldrich will present four works from the St. Louis Art Museum’s permanent collection among his own installation. Exploring unexpected juxtapositions between history and the present, and reframing our expectations for the quintessential “19th century French painting” through the lens of contemporary art, Richard Aldrich produces an exhibition reveal the magic of and new possibilities for painting today.

Richard Aldrich and the 19th Century French Painting is curated by Laura Fried, Associate Curator, and organized by the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

Manon de Boer: Between Perception and Sensation

For her first major exhibition in the United States the acclaimed Dutch, Brussels based artist Manon de Boer asks us to listen as we look in uniquely crafted films that are defined by and explore sound and sonic effects. In an ambitious installation conceived especially for the Contemporary’s galleries, De Boer presents four key works that address the her attention to the structures of music. For Presto. Perfect Sound (2006), De Boer shot six takes of a violin performance, out of which she cut and then reconstructed the optimal sound composites to produce a “perfect performance,” despite the visual glitches we see before us. In Two Times 4’33″ (2008), her camera fixes on the feeling of silence, on film and in the body, as it reverberates through the audience and extends to us off screen. A third film, Dissonant (2010) reveals the rupture between what we see and hear, and as the screen goes black, the viewer trades vision for the pure aural experience of a dancer’s moving feet. With a focus on performance—and the ways that sound gives each of these film form—she reveals her expansive and grounding experimentations with sound, image, and the fundamental experiences of film.

Manon de Boer is curated by Laura Fried, Associate Curator and João Ribas, Curator at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge. The exhibition is organized by the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.


The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is pleased to announce a new season of The Front Room. Running parallel to the Main Galleries, The Front Room operates at a different speed, featuring films, performance, painting, sculpture, sound, photography, and new installations, each lasting a few weeks at a time.

John Opera & Matt Sheridan Smith (January 21 – February 20)

Thea Djordjadze & George Maciunas (February 22 – March 20)

Margaret Salmon (March 8 – 27)

Pavel Büchler (March 22 – April 17)

Tellervo Kalleinen and Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen: The St. Louis Complaint Choir
(April 7 – 17; live performance on April 7)

Scott King & Richard Serra (April 19 – May 1)

This season of The Front Room is curated by Laura Fried, Associate Curator, and Dominic Molon, Chief Curator.

Manon de Boer: Between Perception and Sensation is generously supported by Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam and public funds from the Netherlands Cultural Services.

Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Exhibitions, programs, and general operations are member supported and privately funded through contributions from generous individuals, corporations, public funders, and foundations. General operating support is provided by Whitaker Foundation; Missouri Arts Council, a state agency; Missouri Cultural Trust; Regional Arts Commission; Bank of America Charitable Foundation; Wells Fargo Advisors; and Arts and Education Council. Special thanks to Glazer’s Midwest, Midwest Valet, and Chase Park Plaza Hotel.

The Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis promotes meaningful engagement with the most relevant and innovative art being made today. Founded as the Forum for Contemporary Art in 1980, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis re-opened in its current location, 3750 Washington Blvd. St. Louis, Missouri, 63108, with a new 27,000 square foot building in 2003. As a non-collecting institution, the Contemporary focuses its efforts on featuring local, national and international, well-known and newly established artists from diverse backgrounds, working in all types of media. As St. Louis’ forum for interpreting culture through contemporary visual art, the Contemporary connects visitors to the dynamic art and ideas of our times. As a gathering place for experiencing contemporary art and culture, the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis pushes the boundaries of innovation, creativity, and expression. Visit the Contemporary’s website at www.camstl.org.

*Image above:
Collection of Carlo Bronzini Vender. Photo courtesy of the artist and Bortolami Gallery, New York.

New exhibitions
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
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