December 20, 2006 - De Appel arts centre - Out now: De Appel Amsterdam books 1975-2005
December 20, 2006

Out now: De Appel Amsterdam books 1975-2005

Appel director Wies Smals films the performance Where its coming from by Charlemagne Palestine. (Photo: Thijs Schouten)

Out now: De Appel Amsterdam books 1975-2005

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Jumping Generations: the past is the humus of the present and potential future. Arts Centre De Appel documents its own history in two volumes; reflections and views on the most important phenomena and developments in art from the last 30 years.

De Appel. Performances, Installations, Video, Projects, 1975-1983 edited by Marga van Mechelen

440 pages / 17 x 24 cm / b/w
Hard bound with reading ribbon
Dutch & English edition
ISBN 90 7350170 9
(ISBN 90 7350169 5 Dutch ed.)

De Appel If Walls Had Ears 1984-2005
Michael Archer, Saskia Bos, Charles Esche, Edna van Duyn, Hou Hanru, Jörg Heiser, Gavin Jantjes, Luk Lambrecht, Annelie Pohlen

704 pp/ 17 x 24 cm
Paperback full colour
Dutch & English
ISBN 90 73501 66 0

The book has become a standard work on performance art covering the period of 75-83 and belongs in every respectable library. NRC, 8 November 2006

Marina Abramovic: From my point of view, this publication is vital and necessary and I am somewhat shocked that there has not been such a publication until now. This book casts light on a historical period in contemporary art and places De Appel as a significant epicentre.

Priceless an unseen documentation of everything from 1984 until present offers an eyeful for anyone who has wondered about where and how the role of the curator and artist came to where it is today. With essays by figures such as Charles Esche, Hou Hanru and Gavin Jantjes it is surely a must for the reading list of todays contemporary art historian. FLASH ART March April 2006, p. 42 News section by Aaron Moulton.

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