The Language of the New Brutality Journal #83 June 2017
The Second Coming Journal #83 June 2017
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The Reality-Based Community Journal #83 June 2017
#83 June 2017 Journal
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#69 January 2016


The Coming Global Civil War: Is There Any Way Out?

The Anamorphic Politics of Climate Change

Walid Raad’s Spectral Archive, Part I: Historiography as Process

El Proceso (The Process)

What Is Philosophy? Part Two: Programs and Realizabilities

Neither Autocracy nor Automatism: Notes on Autonomy and the Aesthetic

Geopolitics and Contemporary Art, Part I: From Representation’s Ruin to Salvaging the Real


#69 January 2016 The Coming Global... The Anamorphic... Walid Raad’s Spectral... El Proceso (The Process) What Is Philosophy?... Neither Autocracy nor... Geopolitics and... IDEOLOGY = FORM