September 28, 2016 - CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux - [sic]
September 28, 2016

CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux

Design: Zak Group.

works from the CAPC Collection

Opening: October 13

CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux
7, rue Ferrère
33000 Bordeaux
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This fall, the CAPC musée opens a major exhibition of its Collection. This show brings back to the patrimonial building of the museum many of the works that left a mark in its history. The visitors will discover a vast selection of works by more than 40 artists, ranging from the 1960s to nowadays.

[sic] works from the CAPC Collection centres on strategies of re-writing, crossing out, or writing over as they are manifested in nearly a hundred works. This exhibition is organized around a series of calculated encounters among works, the rhythms they impose and the plausible directions they suggest. It considers the traces left on a work by the borrowing of a previous reference, and searches for clues across the museum Collection to ponder the relationship between a part and the whole, between a single work and a collection. [sic] does not mark an error but bridges a gap between at least two texts, two artworks, or two contexts.

The exhibition is punctuated by four clusters focused on Chohreh Feyzdjou (1955–96), Simon Hantaï (1922–2008), Présence Panchounette (artist collective, active from 1969–90) and Philippe Thomas (1952–95). These small exhibitions, embedded within the larger exhibit, highlight symbolic and formal operations employed by these artists and signal the ways in which their approaches reflect and resonate with other artworks included in the exhibition.

Chohreh Feyzdjou’s accumulations and taxonomies point towards the archival impulse of a collection while its ever shifting, ever adjusting nature relates to Simon Hantaï’s resized and reformatted paintings. The exhibition’s hint to theatre—stages, curtains, décors—extends Philippe Thomas’ idea of the collection as fiction and its arcane title is an explicit reference to a print by Présence Panchounette.

In their work Errata (1982), included in the exhibition, two otherwise disconnected words, "nosography" and "nostalgia," are brought together by a typographic error which is signalled by the Latin word sic in square brackets. "Sic erat scriptum" literally means “thus it was written.” Its abbreviated form, [sic], warns us that a word is left exactly as it appears in the original, despite looking odd, incongruous or misspelled.

Summoning both terms, nostalgia and nosography—a branch of medicine studying symptoms and the classification of diseases—[sic] works from the CAPC Collection inquires to what extent looking at an art collection is similar to looking at a collection of disparate symptoms, keeping nostalgia at bay.

Artists: Absalon, Leonor Antunes, Virginie Barré, Bernd & Hilla Becher, Vincent Bioulès, Mel Bochner, Cathy De Monchaux, Daniel Dezeuze, Noël Dolla, Chohreh Feyzdjou, Toni Grand, Gego, Peter Halley, Simon Hantaï, Jenny Holzer, Fabrice Hyber, N.A. Jedermann (Philippe Thomas), Mike Kelley, Jannis Kounellis, Wolfang Laib, Sherrie Levine, Jean-Michel Meurice, Pierre Molinier, Olivier Mosset, Mario Merz, Annette Messager, Joan Mitchell, Dennis Oppenheim, Bernard Pagès, Présence Panchounette, Paola Pivi, Liliana Porter, les ready-made appartiennent à tout le monde®, Yvonne Rainer, Steve Roden, Ed Ruscha, Claude Rutault, Richard Serra, Jessica Stockholder, Jean-Paul Thibeau, Wolfang Tillmans, Claude Viallat and Heimo Zobernig

Curator: José Luis Blondet
Exhibition Designer: Benedeta Monteverde

Also on view
Joan Jonas: Waltz
Curator: Anne-Sophie Dinant
Until October 23, 2016

Edgardo Aragón: Mesoamerica, The Hurricane Effect
Curator: Heidi Ballet
Co-produced with Jeu de Paume and FNAGP
Until November 6, 2016

Rosa Barba
Site specific installation for the Nave of the Museum
Curator: María Inés Rodríguez
November 17, 2016–March 26, 2017

Jef Geys: Le Tour de France 1969 d'Eddy Merckx
Curators: Sylvie Boulanger and Francis Mary
A touring project from cneai de Chatou, hosted by CAPC musée
November 17, 2016–January 15, 2017

Basim Magdy: No Shooting Stars
Curator: Heidi Ballet
Co-produced with Jeu de Paume, Paris, and FNAGP
November 17, 2016–January 29, 2017

Jessica Warboys: Hinge Bow (2013)
Curator: Anne-Sophie Dinant
November 17, 2016–January 8, 2017


Museum patrons
Honorary patron
Château Haut-Bailly

Founding patron: Les Amis du CAPC
Leading patrons: Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso, Lacoste Traiteur
Patrons: SUEZ, Mercure Bordeaux Cité Mondiale, Château Chasse-Spleen, SLTE, Château Haut Selve, Lafarge Granulats, Le Petit Commerce

Pedro Jiménez Morrás
T +33 (0)5 56 00 81 70 / p.jimenezmorras [​at​]

CAPC Contemporary Art Museum Bordeaux
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