Master of Arts / Master of Fine Arts in Drawing & summer school: “Drawing Teaching Drawing”

Master of Arts / Master of Fine Arts in Drawing & summer school: “Drawing Teaching Drawing”

Paris College of Art (PCA)

Diogo Pimentão, 2013. Courtesy of the artist.
December 7, 2016
Master of Arts / Master of Fine Arts in Drawing & summer school: “Drawing Teaching Drawing”

Priority application deadline: March 1, 2017

Paris College of Art
15 rue Fénelon

Designed for students whose creative practice is predominately rooted in drawing. Candidates for the program will be seeking new contexts and experiences for developing established/existing practices. Drawing is understood as more than a support or preparation for other disciplines: it is considered the work.

The work that students make in their studio is central to the content and structure of the course. Each core workshop draws upon the individual investigations and questions arising and evolving in the studio as a starting point and provides the students with new contexts to rethink their work—to test methods, materials and ideas.

The aim is to explore contemporary and emerging approaches to drawing alongside the continued acquisition and practice of academic skills. There is an expectation that students will explore a convergence rather than opposition of the two.

Every student will take part in a form of collaboration where they will bring their drawing practice into dialogue/conversation/exchange with artists, designers and creative professionals from other fields. The collaborations are devised according to each student’s needs in order to challenge each individual and are expected to provoke potentially radically different departures for their work.

Faculty teaching in the program include: Ivo Bonacorsi, Lillian Davies, Marcelline Delbecq, Diogo Pimentão, Benjamin Hochart, Corinne Laroche, Marine Pagès, Nina Paim and Emilia Bergmark, Jack Southern, Thorsten Streichardt.

Students may choose either the 1-year MA Degree track or the 2-year MFA (Terminal) Degree track. The first year is common to both degree tracks with the exception of a spring semester Degree Project for MA candidates. Students in the MFA complete the third and fourth semesters and the MFA thesis project.

The program is designed with an emphasis on professional practice and research, and, for the MFA program, with a focus on the teaching of drawing, providing students with possibilities to further their work outside the context of the school. Students are taught how to apply drawing in its many forms to unfamiliar and diverse situations, and are encouraged to invent projects that will continue beyond the scope of the MA/MFA.

The program is open to any applicant who has successfully completed an undergraduate degree (BFA, BA, BSc, BID, BArch, etc.) with a studio component, or acquired basic technical skills (e.g., drawing) through other educational or professional experiences. (Applicants without a BFA are required to have at least two semesters of Art History. A portfolio will be required demonstrating a fine arts practice).

To apply:

Summer school: “Drawing Teaching Drawing”
June 26–July 7, 2017
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This short course is designed to challenge and energize existing approaches to drawing in order to find new directions for both teaching and personal work. Applicants are expected to have an established practice in drawing and/or the teaching of drawing in art and design and to be seeking ways to further their professional practice.

In the first week participants will be “students,” and will participate in experimental drawing workshops designed by Véronique Devoldère and Chloe Briggs—artists/educators and Chairs of the new Masters in Drawing program.

The purpose of each exercise will be explained, the learning experienced and the results reflected upon. This work will provide the starting point for the second week, where students will each design and teach a drawing class. Invited guests: Jack Southern, Nina Paim and Emilia Bergmark run workshops and join in individual tutorials with students to guide them through the design, delivery and critical reflection on a drawing class.

For further details contact course directors:
Chloe Briggs / Véronique Devoldère


Paris College of Art launches MA/MFA Drawing starting September 2017

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Paris College of Art (PCA)
December 7, 2016

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