Transart scholarships and call for Funding Consultants scholarships and Funding Consultants

Transart scholarships and call for Funding Consultants scholarships and Funding Consultants

Transart Institute

“Alienation Effect: We Get Brecht” workshop with Caroline Koebel. Transart summer residency Berlin, 2015. Photo: Aleks Slota.
October 12, 2015
Transart scholarships and call for Funding Consultants scholarships and Funding Consultants

Preferred application deadline: December 2015

Transart Institute
The International Creative Practice MFA/PhD + Summer Academy
228 Park Ave S. #34726
New York, NY 10003

T +1 347 410 9905
Skype: transartinstitute
[email protected]

Transart to sponsor funding consultations for student, faculty, alumni and applicants

Transart is building a pool of international fundraisers, grant writers and funding resource specialists for a new pilot program beginning December 2015. The Transart Consultancy Program will offer a minimum of four hours funding consultation to each Transartist (student, alumni and faculty) who applies with a project that needs funding. Accepted applicants in need of additional tuition funding support can also access the program. Projects deemed promising by consultants will continue to be supported by the institute. To apply to the consulting pool and learn more about it, please review the application here.

Announcing scholarships to the MFA, PhD and Summer Academy

Early application discount
All applications submitted in full by February 1 will receive a 500 USD discount off first semester tuition if applicant is accepted to the program.

Early payment discount
1,000 USD discount off first semester tuition will be granted to students who pay their first semester tuition in full by April 1st.

Merit Awards
Transart Merit Awards are given for Transart MFA and PhD work to an applicant whose practice and proposed projects are of the highest level of artistic achievement. Awards are not limited to any given media, theme or specific field. Award is 1000 USD. Six Transart Merit Awards are available to incoming MFA students. Two Transart Merit Awards are available to incoming PhD students per year. A 600 USD is awarded for the Summer Academy Certificate program.

Earth Awareness Prize
The Transart Earth Awareness Prize is awarded for Transart MFA work that raises environmental awareness and is exemplary in dealing with the many challenges we face in advancing stewardship for the earth. Award is 1000 USD per semester for second year of program (2 semesters). One Earth Awareness prize is awarded per year.

Social Change Prize 
The Transart Social Change Prize is awarded for Transart MFA work championing social change through direct involvement with communities or through raising awareness on a specific issue. Award is 1000 USD per semester for second year of program (two semesters). One Social Change prize is awarded per year.

Peace and Mediation Prize
The Transart Peace and Mediation Prize is awarded for Transart MFA work dealing with the role of art in peace and mediation. Award is 1000 USD per semester for second year of program (two semesters). One Social Change prize is awarded per year.

Scholarships and prizes will be awarded by the Admissions Committee to new applicants, based on admissions applications received before March 1. Scholarship recipients announced on April 1. All other awards and scholarships for returning students will awarded by the Transart Faculty Board based on year-end projects beginning spring 2016.

The Transart self-directed educational experience
– Summer intensives in Berlin, winter sessions in New York City.
– Workshops, seminars, talks, critiques, cultural excursions, exhibition and performance opportunities with every residency.
– A highly individualized contemporary learning experience without grades.
– Realization of creative projects with the support of self-chosen advisors and curators.
– Low-residency format fosters a sustainable practice while balancing relationships and advancing your careers.
– International makeup of students and faculty fosters exchange across cultural boundaries.
– Offsite creative work, critiques and advisement wherever you live and work.
– Continue to exhibit, screen and perform your work internationally in the Transart Collective as an alumni.

The MFA Creative Practice is a student-centered, project-oriented program which fosters independent thinking, risk-taking and the creation of an informed and sustainable art praxis. The program is tailored to suit the needs of working artists with summer residencies in Berlin, winter residencies in New York, and one-on-one advisement during the academic year, wherever students live and work. Students are free to pursue work in any art-related genre and to create their own course of study, working independently and with the support of self-chosen studio and research advisors. Short periods of intensive residency permit students to continue with their professional work and keep a balanced personal life while participating in the program. The PhD Creative Practice is a low-residency three-year program and is only offered for creative research.

Transart people
Transart faculty and advisors come from a wide range of academic and artistic backgrounds as well as geographic locations. Current theoretical areas of expertise include curatorial work, cyberfeminism, African diaspora, interface technologies, digital arts, continental philosophy, media, social studies in colonialism, capitalism and tourism, word and image relationships, and contemporary asian art history. Studio faculty include international artists working with sound, performance, dance and choreography, photography, drawing, sculpture, film and video, intervention, text and installation.

Transart attracts a highly diverse and dynamic student body from all over the world, most of whomare emerging and mid-career artists and teachers at tertiary institutions. Transart alumnicontinue to exhibit, screen and perform internationally through the Transartist network. Recent Transartists’ events include: MFA student Abdullah Khan (Pakistan), alumna Honi Ryan (Australia), faculty Jean Marie Casbarian (New York) and Cella (Berlin) are exhibiting and performing in Utopia Now: A Transart Experience at Goethe Institute Berlin, curated by advisor and ELSE editor Herman Mendolicchio; Faculty Jean-Ulrick Désert (Germany/Haiti) and Nicolás Dumit Estévez (New York/Dominican Republic) participated in “Between History and the Body,” a panel held at the Rubin Foundation in New York; and MFA students Oliver Benoit (Grenada), Asher Mains (US/Grenada) and alumnus Khaled Hafez (Egypt) participated in the Venice Biennale. More Transartist news can be found here.


Transart Institute
Transart grew out of a desire to go beyond established institutional education where pre-formed and pre-formatted knowledge is passed on to all students in the same way. Transart works the other way around: a plethora of models and diverse input in a multi-perspective environment form a truly student-driven program. The Institute is also a platform for faculty to expand their teaching praxis by making space for creativity and experimentation. Beyond its educational objectives, Transart is engaged in building an international community in support of students, alumni, faculty and their artistic and academic practices.

Accredited by Plymouth University, UK



Transart scholarships and call for Funding Consultants scholarships and Funding Consultants

RSVP for Transart scholarships and call for Funding Consultants…
Transart Institute
October 12, 2015

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