2015–16 Certificate Programs

2015–16 Certificate Programs

The New Centre for Research & Practice

John Gerrard, Exercise (Dunhuang), 2014. Production still. Photo: Hitomi Ko & Javi Miqueleiz.
September 18, 2015
2015–16 Certificate Programs


We are excited to announce the opening of enrollment for our Certificate Programs and our fall lineup of seminars for the 2015–16 year, which begins Monday, October 5. With an entirely new array of offerings as well as many new instructors, we are greatly looking forward to our second year in operation. We invite you to join us!

Visit our website today to view the listings from Jason Adams, Julieta Aranda, Levi Bryant, Jairus Victor Grove, Nicole Sunday Grove, Nick Land, Reza Negerastani, Mohammad Salemy, Anna-Sophie Springer, Peter Wolfendale, Ben Woodard, Tony Yanick & Fernando Zalamea.

By becoming part of The New Centre, you will gain access to face-to-face learning experiences with emerging and established thinkers and scholars, while also collaborating with them in the production and distribution of new knowledge not readily available in more traditional academic settings. Our instructors are at the forefront of critically oriented research & practice, extending the form and content of knowledge alongside, within, and between existing disciplines and technologies. By providing undergraduate, graduate, and professional-level access to the newest developments in Art & Curatorial Practice, Critical Philosophy, Media & Technology, Social & Political Thought, and Transdisciplinary Studies, The New Centre places you one step ahead of the majority of university and college students who rely only on the offerings and networks of their own institutions.

Applications for Certificate Programs will be accepted at any time during the 2015–16 year, depending on your needs and preferences. All of our seminars are conducted online via Google+ Hangouts, so location is not an issue, and you may participate from anywhere in the world.

For those who prefer to engage with The New Centre prior to applying for one of the Certificate Programs, we recommend becoming a Friend or Member of the New Centre, or enrolling in single seminars. Becoming a Member or a Friend will provide you access to our entire 2014–15 and 2015–16 seminar video archives, while enrolling in a single seminar will provide access to the Google+ Hangouts, in which you will directly interact with our instructors. Members and Friends are given access to our complete seminar video archive, which will demonstrate the quality of our seminars and programs prior to deciding whether to apply for higher-level enrollment. And, of course, our Certificate Students automatically become Members of The New Centre and thus receive all members’ benefits, including access to our ten Re:search Groups, our Writing Centre, our Member Symposia, reading groups, and roundtable events, as well as opportunities to publish your research on our publishing platform, &&&.

In the coming year, we will build on our strong Certificate Student placement rate amongst those moving from BA to MA degrees, MA to PhD degrees, and PhD degrees to professions. Our ongoing professional development assistance as well as recommendation letters from our instructors have resulted in the majority of our students successfully achieving placement into graduate programs and professional teaching positions at institutions like CalArts (Valencia), Eastern Michigan University (Ypsilanti), Goldsmith’s University (London), New York University (New York), and Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley).

Apply today for our Certificate Programs. If you want to investigate a bit more first, become a Friend or Member of The New Centre today. For more information, please visit our website.

Fall 2015–16 seminars
Jason Adams: Artifice & Alienation: SF Cinema as Critical Political Thought
Julieta Aranda: Artist Writing / Artistic Production II
Levi Bryant: Plateaux Infini: Capitalism & Schizophrenia in the 21st Century
Nick Land: Anthropol: The Future of Human Insecurity
Reza Negarestani: Complexity & Computation: An Introduction to Measures, Paradigms and Programs
Mohammad Salemy: Curatorial Practice II: Curating the Future
Anna-Sophie Springer: Entangled Legacies: Institutional Collections and Curatorial-Editorial Agency
Nicole Sunday Grove and Jairus Victor Grove: The Horror of Security: Contemporary Geopolitics in a Permanent Beta Phase
Peter Wolfendale & Ben Woodard: Philosophy as System: An Introduction to German Idealism
Tony Yanick: Time-Critical Media I: Methods in Media Archeology
Fernando Zalamea: Grothendieck & A Theory of Contemporary Transgression (in conjunction with Pratt Institute, New York)

RSVP for 2015–16 Certificate Programs
The New Centre for Research & Practice
September 18, 2015

Thank you for your RSVP.

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