Call for participants: choreographers, performance makers and dramaturges

Call for participants: choreographers, performance makers and dramaturges

Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.)

Studio session with Johanne Saunier. Photo: Ode de Kort.
March 26, 2015
Call for participants: choreographers, performance makers and dramaturges

August 2015–December 2016

Application deadline: April 27, 2015

Van Volxemlaan 164
1190 Brussels

T +32 2 344 55 98

Research Studios is a new research program for choreographers, performance makers, performance practitioners with a background in music and dramaturges, with a MA degree and/or some years of professional experience who want to research and develop their choreographic language or creative practice. It is an environment that offers reflection and studio experimentation, exchange and collaboration with other artists, with a general theme framing the research work. The program starts officially in 2016–17 and is preceded by two pilot projects.

The second pilot project will start August 25 and run until December 15, 2016, in three clusters of four months each. Its focus is “Choreography, performance, sound, music.”

The deadline for applications is April 27.

Each cluster starts from a specific research question introduced by the coordinators, approaching the broad field of choreography and music from historical, compositional, metaphorical, philosophical or creative perspectives.

Each cluster consists of workshops, seminars, master classes and lectures by the coordinators and invited choreographers, theoreticians, composers, etc., and provides ample studio time to develop choreographic and performance practices close or less close to the research topic.

The final cluster will be concluded with public presentations of work created throughout the programme.

Cluster #1
Polyphony of voices, polyphony of spaces, polyphony of fields—conceived and guided by Alain Franco and Thomas Plischke
August 25–December 18

Counterpoint is a musical practice that articulates the relation between autonomy and mutual influence, and is one of the essential tools to create polyphony. Counterpoint and polyphony can also be seen as lens through which to investigate the historical and structural relations between dance and music, which oscillate between a shared composition of time-space-principles and the questioning of stability and repetition.


Cluster #2
Time and rhythm—conceived and guided by Bojana Cvejić and Tom Engels
February 1–May 27, 2016

Rhythm offers a broad and trans-disciplinary study of time: from the aesthetic play of sensations in the composition and experience of performance and the dancing body to sociological, anthropological and philosophical perspectives of “man as a rhythmical animal,” power as rhythm and political conceptions of time. Today, the virtuosity of multitasking and nomadism in work-into-life parallels the sophisticated forms of polyrhythym in dance and performance.


Cluster #3
On the musical body—conceived and guided by Tom Pauwels and Gabriel Schenker
Students of the Advanced Master Contemporary Music of KASK (Ghent) will join the participants for this cluster
August 22–December 15, 2016

New music and choreography have recently developed strong interest in each other’s practices. Composers write with the musicians’ bodies, movements and gestures, whereas choreographers have been looking to musical practices and parameters such as scores, instrumentation, concert… Choreographers, musicians and composers will reflect and experiment together in an eternal feedback loop between bodies that produce sound and movement.

During these clusters, the program runs for 17 weeks in a row.
More details here.


There is place for 12 participants: ten choreographers/performance makers and two dramaturges.
Admission is in two phases: a preselection by dossier and a final audition. The deadline for sending the dossier is April 27. You will receive an answer one week after we receive your dossier.
The final audition will take place in Brussels, May 9–10.

The tuition fee for Pilot #2 amounts to 8,000 euro (6,125 euro for PARTS graduates). For those who need, PARTS can provide a scholarship which covers the living costs in Brussels (accommodation and food).

More information
Details on the programme, the profile of the participants and the admission procedure can be found here. Any further questions can be emailed to Eva Vanhole.


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Performing Arts Research and Training Studios (P.A.R.T.S.)
March 26, 2015

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