Locally Made

Locally Made

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Andrew Moon Bain, Mineral Water Song (detail), 2005. © Andrew Moon Bain. Courtesy of the Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design, Providence.
July 16, 2013
Locally Made

RISD Museum
224 Benefit Street
Providence, RI 02903

T 401 454 6500
[email protected]


Locally Made expands across several RISD Museum galleries with multiple components, celebrating the rich and diverse talent in Providence and nearby communities. The exhibition encompasses paintings, sculptures, prints, drawings, photographs, film, and video. At the center of Locally Made is One Room, an experimental space with roots in New England’s long tradition of community storytelling, performance, and knowledge sharing. Artists, designers, performers, and other community innovators share their ideas and processes through daily talks, creative experiments, art demonstrations, and unexpected happenings.

3 galleries | 300 artists | 4 months

Hannah Abelow, Scott Alario, Dave Allyn, Rick Altergott, Jane Androski, Curtis Aric, Maralie Armstrong, Joan Backes, Paul Badger, Scot Bailey, Andrew Moon Bain, Josh Baptista, Patti Barnatt, David Barnes, Tina Barney, Jay Baruch, Rick Benjamin, Jacob Berendes, Indigo Bethea, Allison Bianco, Megan Billings, Jean Blackburn, Cara Blaine, Colin Bliss, Luke Boggia, Keegan Bonds-Harmon, Jonathan Bonner, Ariel Bordeaux, Kipp Bradford, Beth Brandon, Muffy Brandt, Jenine Bressner, Emmy Bright, Jessica Brown, Tony Brown, Laura Brown-Lavoie, Henry Felton Brown, Chris Bull, Liza Burkin, Peter Bussigel, Joseph Buzzell, Rudy Cabrera, Morgan Calderini, Caitlin Cali, Tina Cane, Marlon Carey, Priscilla Carrion, Jay Carter, Jo-Anna Cassino, Laura Cetilia, Judith Tolnick Champa, Brian Chapman, Nicole Chesney, Brian Chippendale, Franny Choi, Mimi Chrzanowski, Amy Ciao, Katrina Silander Clark, Tony Cokes, Andrew Colarusso, Kate Colby, Allison Cole, Jill Colinan, Jen Corace, Manuel Cordero, Ian Cozzens, Genevieve Cross, Peter Crump, Catherine Curtis, Otto D’Ambrosio, David Dadekian, Michael Dates, Ruth Dealy, Julie de Jesus, Peter Deffet, Dennis DelSignore, Alley Dennig, Matthew Derby, Robert Dilworth, Jennifer Dowell, Jeff Drury, Kara Dziobek, David Ellison, Matthew Everett, Holly Ewald, Nidal Fakhouri, Jen Ferreira, Richard Fishman, Anna Kaziunas France, Mark Freedman, Adrienne Gagnon, Nadine Gerdts, Michael Getz, Shawn Gilheeney, Peter Glantz, Brian Goldberg, Carlos Gonzales, Brittany Gravely, Corey Grayhorse, Shawn Greenlee, Julia Gualtieri, Tanya Guerrero, Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Scott Harris, Lynne Harlow, Buck Hastings, Lara Henderson, Anna Galloway Highsmith, Emma Hogarth, Jungil Hong, Aaron Horowitz, Joanna Howard, Mary Paula Hunter, James Iannone, Dylan Itkin, Ethan Itkin, Neil Jackson, Jenna Johns-Yu, Christopher Johnson, Cathy G Johnson, Ernest Jolicoeur, Bronlyn Jones, Lauren Kalman, Ricky Katowicz, Martin Keen, Elizabeth Keithline, Bevin Kelley, Jori Ketten, Marguerite Keyes, David Kim, Delia Kovac, Li Jun Lai, Christiane Marie Landry, Jon Laustsen, Ingrid Lavoie, Matthew Lawrence, Noel Lefebvre, Viera Levitt, Ken Linehan, Lulu Locks, Jen Long, Wayne Losey, Amy Lovera, Steve Lubar, Nancy Lucia, Peter Marcus, Angelo Marinosci Jr., Enrique Martinez, Xander Marro, Georgia Marsh, Jane Masters, Nicole Maynard, Amy McCoy, Lindy McDonough, Michael McGarty, Taylor McKenzie-Veal, Megan McMillan, Murray McMillan, Sue McNally, Lindsey Messervy, Stephen Metcalf, Walker Mettling, Agata Michalowska, Eli Milhollan, John Mills, Reba Mitchell, Sakiko Mori, Jackson Morley, Adam Morosky, Geoff Mullen, Paul Myoda, Ben Nadler, Maria Napolitano, Don Nguyen, Khipra J. Nichols, Beth Nixon, Rebecca Noon, Lawrence Nunes, Dawn Oliveira, Ed Osborn, Neal Overstrom, Alison Paul, Bob Pavlik, Katie Pearl, Jen Pelton, David Barth Penn, Greg Pennisten, Lisa Perez, Ara Peterson, Patricia Phillips, Sianna Plavin, Sofia Poe, Magaly Ponce, Charmaine Porter, Pike Powers, Serena Putterman, Angel Quinonez, Jeremy Radtke, Andrew Raftery, Bill Rawley, Scott Reber, Alec K. Redfearn, Antoine Revoy, James Reynolds, Nick Riemer, Shey Rivera, C.W. Roelle, Sokeo Ros, Jessica Deane Rosner, Pat Rossi, Erik Ruin, Sebastian Ruth, Alison Rutsch, Micah Salkind, Philip Sawyer, Justin Sayles, William Schaff, Kate Schapira, Ida Schmulowitz, Steve Schwartz, Joseph Segal, Kelly Seigh, Roberta Shapiro, Dan Sheehan, Monica Shinn, Brian Shure, Rebecca Siemering, Jessica Simes, Dana Simmons, Duane Slick, John Smith, Dean Snyder, Seth Snyder, Anne Morgan Spalter, Rocky Steeves, Meredith Stern, Corey Stroffolino, Meg Sullivan, Dan Talbot, Chris Taylor, Jordan Taylor, Allan Tear, Megan Thoma, Faye Thompson, Mei Tiemeyer, Arley-Rose Torsone, Simon Spruce Torres, Paul Tran, Jason Tranchida, Stephanie Turner, Matt Underwood, J.R. Uretsky, Kristen Rhea van Liew, Glenna VanNostrand, Willa VanNostrand, Kevin Veronneau, Danielle Vogel, Amy Walsh, Neal T. Walsh, Melody Ruffin Ward, Mike Watson, Michael Weeks, Tom West, Entang Wiharso, Emily Sara Wilson, Melissa Withers, Chrissy Wolpert, Dan Wood, Joan Wyand, Tatyana Yanishevsky, Meredith Younger, Mickey Zacchilli, Pippi Zornoza, Toots Zynsky

The exhibition graphics and the print-on-demand daily guide for Locally Made were produced by members of the Design Office, a local workspace and collective of independent interdisciplinary designers.

Jed Hancock-Brainerd, Rebecca Noon, and Jeremy Radtke collaborated on the design of One Room’sSchool House Long House installation. The benches and tables were designed by Simcha Davis and Jeremy Radtke, and made from regionally sourced rough-cut pine using the CNC cutter at AS220 Labs.

LocallyMadeissupportedbyDr. Joseph A.ChazanandRobertandJudy Mann.

More information: risdmuseum.org

Share online and see what has been happening in the School House Long House: #RISDMuseum #oneroommuseum

Press contact: Lani Stack, Senior Publicist
[email protected], 401 454 6506


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Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)
July 16, 2013

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