MaHKUplatform 2013

MaHKUplatform 2013

MaHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design

Installing Up.Here.Now. Photo by Paola Fortunato.
June 17, 2013
MaHKUplatform 2013

June 20–30, 2013

In the context of Modes of Criticality, the recent Dutch Artistic Research Event (DARE), MaHKU (Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design) presents its annual dissemination moment MaHKUplatform on two locations in the city of Utrecht.

MA Fine Art
Let’ s Get Physical-Interventions In and Through the City
June 21–30, 2013

Plompetorengracht 4, Utrecht

Hours: Monday–Friday 12–18, Thursday 10–21, Saturday 11–17, Sunday 12–16

Opening: Friday, June 21, 19h

Participants: Eduarda Estrella, Sebastian Gonzalez de Gortari, Hiroomi Horiuchi, Heleen Langkamp, Frans van Lent, Adriana Ramirez, Robert Wittendorp, Sobia Zaidi
Curator: Mika Hannula

Let’s Get Physical - Interventions In and Through the City takes its motive and aim from the continuously changing and evolving cityscape of the city of Utrecht. The pressure is up and so should be the pleasure of dealing with our physical surroundings. Through interventions in both private spheres and public domains, the exhibition addresses the urgent need to find relevant strategies. Not fast, loud, and superficial ones following the logic of the spectacle, but ones generating responses: clever and elegant, beautiful and intelligent.

Let’s Get Physical brings together eight MaHKU students negotiating and navigating among and between the set parameters of interventions—within Hoog Catharijne and around its perimeters, performative and temporal acts take place subsequently transformed and translated into works of art installed in the Kapitaal gallery space.

The physical narratives shaped and made from the city, for the city, and articulated in the city are interventions combining the international backgrounds of the participants with collectively shared actions in their current environment. Let’s Get Physical gains its momentum in and through the game of opposites. Loud becomes silent, aggression becomes empathic, and physical turns into conceptual—and back again. Here form follows pleasure and participation, interaction and intervention, and laughing at and laughing with.

MA Design
UP. HERE. NOW. – The Work Shop
June 20–30, 2013

4th floor (part of Call of the Mall)

Opening: Call of the Mall: Thursday 20 June, 17:30h
Special opening: UP. HERE. NOW.: Friday, June 21, 17h

Dania Abdel Samad, Malou Beemer, Anina Beuchert, Rik Blank, Kristel Brouwers, Jessica Castelari Machado, Aukje Dudok, Paola Fortunato, Theresia Grevinga, Mech Haumann, Marije Holwerda, Addiena Irzan, Nicky Kouwenberg, Hera Kusyuniansari, Buffy Lien, Li Hanlu, Ana Catarina Rodrigues, Nikkie Wortman
Curators: Max Bruinsma, Arjen Oosterman, Stealth.Unlimited.

We don’t think you need another solipsistic product. You already have a great deal of them. We think you want us to address issues begging for improvement. Here and now.

We are looking for opportunities and urgencies that you may have. We’d love to assist you in connecting public causes with personal engagement. We can express the cultural symbolism of consumption, and help you appreciate its workings. We can support you in tackling the global complexities of production.

We feel that design should take a bird’s eye view of ideas and solutions for the benefit of a wider audience. From up here, everything is connected—and questioned. Mapping choices, a design can be a strategy, a process, or a product. At best, it becomes all of these at once.

We present our work in progress in this workshop on top of Utrecht’s major consumers’ hub. We are graduating students of four MaHKU Design pathways: Editorial Design, Fashion Communication, Interior Design, and Public Space Design. And we want to share our ideas and ambitions.

UP. HERE. NOW.- The Work Shop will include a public discussion programme in the weekends with a.o. Nikolaus Hirsch, Ekim Tan, Joes Koppers, Carolien Ligtenberg (MEST), Dimitri Nieuwenhuizen (LUST), Max Bruinsma, Bart Goldhoorn, Cesare Peeren, Kamiel van Kreij, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Arjen Mulder, Arjen Oosterman, Huib Haye van der Werf and Niessen & De Vries.

Come and enjoy the view from up here now.

Check the programme at

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