The New School faculty in support of Occupy Wall Street

The New School faculty in support of Occupy Wall Street

The New School

October 4, 2011
The New School faculty in support of Occupy Wall Street

We faculty members of The New School would like to express our solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protest. We support its demand for real democracy and its denunciation of the effects of the economic crisis on the conditions of life for millions of people around the world. We strongly disagree with political and economic measures against the crisis based on the reduction of public spending and cuts to public services. We condemn the exclusive and unnecessary use of force by the NYPD that resulted in the arrests of 700 hundred people marching in a peaceful and non-violent demonstration on Saturday October 1st. It is inconceivable that New York, the city known for a tradition of free and independent thinking, should be governed like a police state.


This crisis and the measures adopted by governments will affect the future of young people, and among them, our student body. We all know that our students made a commitment to higher education that forces them into debt. The current economic situation is such that our students will probably carry these debts for decades to come. This is why we support the walk out organized by our students on Wednesday October 5th at 3:30pm.


(Please, write to [email protected] to sign this statement)




Elaine Abelson (Associate Professor of History and Urban Studies)


Zed Adams  (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)


Andrew Arato (Dorothy Hart Hirshon Professor of Political and Social Theory)


Cinzia Arruzza (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)


Banu Bargu (Assistant Professor of Political Science)


Jay Bernstein (University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy)


Richard Bernstein (Vera List Professor of Philosophy)


Omri Boehm (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)


Chiara Bottici (Assistant Professor of Philosophy)


Emanuele Castano (Associate Professor of Psychology)


Benoit Challand (Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science)


Doris F. Chang (Assistant Professor of Psychology)


Alice Crary (Associate Professor of Philosophy)


Simon Critchley (Professor of Philosophy)


James Dodd (Philosophy Department Chair)


Federico Finchelstein (Associate Professor of Historical Studies)


Duncan Foley (Leo Model Professor of Economics)


Carlos Forment (Associate Professor of Sociology)


Oz Frankel (Associate Professor of History)


Nancy Fraser (Political and Social Science Department Chair)


Jeffrey G. Goldfarb (Michael E. Gellert Professor of Sociology)


Pamila Gupta (Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology)


Tilmann Habermas (Visiting Heuss Professor)


Orit Halpern (Assistant Professor of History)


Lawrence A. Hirschfeld (Professor of Anthropology and Psychology)


Noah Isenberg (Director of Screen Studies)


Andreas Kalyvas (Associate Professor of Political Science)


Elizabeth Kendall (Part-Time Faculty)


Paul Kottman (Associate Professor of Comparative Literature)


Nicolas Langlitz (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)


Benjamin Lee (Professor of Anthropology)


Arien Mack (Alfred J. and Monette C. Marrow Professor of Psychology)


Elzbieta Matynia (Associate Professor of Liberal Studies and Sociology)


Inessa Medzhibovskaya (Associate Professor and Co-Chair of Literary Studies)


Edward Nell (Malcolm B. Smith Professor of Economics)


Dmitri Nikulin (Pofessor of Philosophy and Director of Undergraduate Studies)


Julia Ott (Assistant Professor of History)


Christian Proaño (Assistant Professor of Economics)


Vyjayanthi Rao (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)


Hugh Raffles (Professor of Anthropology) 


Janet Roitman (Associate Professor of Anthropology and International Affairs)


Lisa Rubin (Assistant Professor of Psychology)


Sanjay Ruparelia (Assistant Professor of Political Science)


Jeremy Safran (Professor of Psychology)


Willi Semmler (Professor of Economics)


Anwar Shaikh (Professor of Economics)


Ann-Louise Shapiro (Professor of History)


Rachel Sherman (Associate Professor of Sociology)


Nidhi Srinivas (Associate Professor of Nonprofit Management)


Miriam Steele (Professor of Psychology)


Sharika Thiranagama (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)


Iddo Tavory (Assistant Professor of Sociology)


Nadine Teuber (Visiting Heuss Lecturer)


Miriam Ticktin (Assistant Professor of Anthropology)


John VanderLippe (Associate Dean for Faculty & Curriculum, NSSR)


Jeremy Varon (Associate Professor of History)


Robin Wagner Pacifici (Professor of Sociology)


Louise Walker (Assistant Professor of Historical Studies)


McKenzie Wark (Professor of Liberal Studies)


Deva Woodly (Assistant Professor of Political Science)


Rafi Youatt (Assistant Professor of Political Science)


Eli Zaretsky (Professor of History)


Aristide Zolberg (Walter P. Eberstadt Professor of Political Science)


Vera Zolberg (Professor of Sociology)


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The New School
October 4, 2011

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