Oslo Speculations

Oslo Speculations

Oslo National Academy of the Arts

April 10, 2010
Oslo Speculations

16 – 17 April, 2010

Lakkegata 55D, Oslo


Oslo Speculations

Oslo Speculations aims to be a different kind of seminar. Rather than a generic presentation of their practice, we urge the participants to reflect upon the basic issues. What trickered it all? How do you keep on going? Why do you do, what you do?

We invite the people that we would most want to listen to ourselves – from the field of contemporary art, but also from other fields such as religion, literature and music. Works of each participant will be on display during the seminar. As much as a seminar, Oslo Speculations is also a social event taking in performances, screenings, readings as well as a reactionary kitchen with an experimental bar.

Oslo Speculations is a collaboration between Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, The Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo / Linus Elmes and Sverre Gullesen, UKS (Young Artist Society)

Oslo Speculations will take place on the 16-17 April at the UKS gallery, Lakkegata 55D, Oslo.

Friday 16 April
14:30 Sverre Gullesen, Linus Elmes and Henrik Plenge Jakobsen
15:00 Jens Haaning
16:00 Marta Kuzma in conversation with Thomas Bayrle
17:00 Sante Poromaa
18:00 Leander Djønne, Ivan Galuzin, Anders Smebye and Ann-Catrin November Høibo
19:00 Loulou Cherinet
20:00 Yngvars conservative kitchen and party

Saturday 17 April
13:00 Rodrigo Mallea Lira and Ylva Ogland
14:00 Michel Auder
15:00 Judith Hopf in conversation with Sladja Blazan
16:00 Pause
17:00 Jan Freuchen
18:00 Danh Vo

More information at: http://www.uks.no/ and http://www.kunstakademioslo.com/

Michel Auder
, born in 1945 in Soissons, lives in New York City.
Michel Auder was made to join the military at a young age as a photographer during the Algerian war. Returning to Paris he started to make films. Later he joined a group of filmmakers during “May 68.” Arriving to New York City in 1969, he along with Shirley Clarke went to CTL electronic and purchased Sony port-a-pack video equipment. Shirley’s then became a communal camera, while Auder always kept his by his side. Auder was the first to employ the video camera as his primary art making device. Since then, his work has spanned a variety of styles and genres all shot on video. Auder teaches at Yale University School of Art, New Haven.

Sladja Blazan (Dr.phil.) is a postdoc research fellow at Humboldt University Berlin at the Institute for English and American Literature and Culture. Her publications include a monograph on migration in literature “American Fictionary: Postsocialist Migration in American Literature” (2006), an edited collection on spectrality “Ghosts, Stories, Histories” (2007) and various articles on identity and gender questions. She is currently completing her book on ghostliness in Anglo-American Romantic literature and culture.

Loulou Cherinet
, born in Gothenburg 1970, lives in Stockholm.
Born of an Ethiopian father and Swedish mother, Loulou Cherinet studied at the University School of Fine Arts and Design in Addis Ababa later returning to Sweden to study at the art academy. Cherinet works primarily with the video medium. She has taken part in exhibitions internationally, including the Sydney Biennale and the 4th Rencontres de la Photographie Africaine in Bamako.

Jan Freuchen,
born 1979 in Stavanger, lives in London and Oslo.
“In my installations I work with diverse medias, such as sculpture, drawing, photography and video. Creating formal and thematic connections, I want my installations to appear like some sort of a natural process, accumulating and reworking information within aclosed system. Expression and repression, construction and destruction are recurring dichotomies in my work; often used as a consideration of the possibility of autonomy within what appears to be a self referential system. The internal relations are both symbiotic and parasitic.”

Jens Haaning, born 1965 in Hørsholm, lives in Copenhagen.
Since the 1990s, Jens Haaning has addressed topics such as immigration, exclusion, prejudice, globalisation and cultural diversity. Without providing solutions or engaging in finger-pointing, he deals with ethical and political issues in interaction with an audience, who frequently play a central role in his works.

Judith Hopf, born in 1969 in Karlsruhe, lives in Berlin.
Judith Hopf works in the field of sculpture, film and performance. Her topics range from love to politics and are often developed in cooperation with other artists or friends. At the moment she works as professor for art at the Städel Schule, Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Kunst, Frankfurt am Main.

Marta Kuzma, born 1964 in Passaic, USA, lives in Oslo
Art critic, teacher and exhibition curator, Marta Kuzma has been director of the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA) since 2006. Prior to taking this post she co-organised Manifesta 5 in 2004, founded the Soros Center for Contemporary Art and ran the exhibitions programme at the International Center of Photography in New York.

Rodrigo Mallea Lira born Santiago, Chile 1970 artist & curator, lives and works in NY, Berlin & Stockholm.
Rodrigo Mallea Lira runs Fruit and Flower Deli in New York, established 2007 in the Lower East Side, current address 237 Eldridge Street. The gallery is ruled by the Oracle, a series of Oracular paintings made by Ylva Ogland. Ylva Ogland is an artist, represented in New York by Smith-Stewart Gallery, in Tokyo by Shugoarts, in Athens by Bernier Eliades, and in Stockholm by Andreas Brändström. Ylva Ogland and Rodrigo Mallea Lira have worked as curators in small collectives/groups from 2002 to 2008, such as Modern Talking with Hans Isaksson, and Konst2 with Jelena Rundqvist. As Konst2 they were acting directors of Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm between 2004 and 2008.

Ylva Ogland Born Umeå, Sweden 1974, artist & curator, lives and works in NY, Berlin & Stockholm.Ylva Ogland’s Mirror Twin Snöfrid (b. Treriksröset, on the border between Sweden, Finland and Norway) – “Existential Individuation, what is new and what is? What is behind and what is beyond? We are collaborating closely with the Keeper (Rodrigo Mallea Lira) and the Oracle and Fruit and Flower Deli and Eldridge Optician, we have been on an Odyssey in vodka to the Galaxies, Berlin, Stockholm, the Heaven, Naples, Hydra, the Ocean, Athens, Tourette, Shanghai, behind the Mirrors, Bergen, New York, and by the Siegessäule for Eternal Life”

Sante Poromaa, born in 1958 in Kiruna, lives in Stockholm
In the beginning of the eighties Poromaa met Philip Kapleau-roshi and became his student. Later when Roshi Kapleau went into semi-retirement, Sante also became a student of Kapleau’s successor Bodhin Kjolhede-roshi. After years of training with these teachers and an ordination as a Zen priest, Sensei Kjolhede appointed Poromaa as teacher at Zenbuddhistiska samfundet. Sante-sensei finished his koan training in 1993, and was appointed Sensei (teacher) by Bodhin-sensei in 1998. Sante has earlier studied art and worked as an artist. He also worked for many years as a male nurse. Sante-sensei’s book “Bortom alla begrepp” was published in 1996.

Danh Vo, born 1975 in Saigon, lives in Berlin.
Vo was born in Saigon the year the Republic of Vietnam collapsed. Later, his family escaped in a boat built by his father, was picked up by a Danish tanker and immigrated to Denmark. Vo examines the social metaphors inherent in the ties between the papers that document us and our physical selves and actions. Consequently, he finds his actions and his official papers to be of equal value, and the two come together in his artworks.

Leander Djønne, Ivan Galuzin, Anders Smebye and Ann-Catrin November Høibo
Representatives of the following artist run inititatives in Olso; Dortmund Bodega, Bastard, Galuzin gallery and Freddy Knox

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Oslo National Academy of the Arts
April 10, 2010

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