maHKU presents DARE # 5, Doing Dissemination

maHKU presents DARE # 5, Doing Dissemination

MaHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design

March 23, 2010
maHKU presents DARE # 5, Doing Dissemination

Symposium: April 1
Location: Toonkamer, Utrecht.
Nicolas Bourriaud, Jurgen Bey, Bik Van der Pol, Geert Lovink, Wim Nijenhuis, Remko Scha.

August 27 – September 5
Locations: Aorta, Academiegalerie, Expodium, Utrecht.

The theme for DARE # 5 is Doing Dissemination. What is the most effective way nowadays to communicate a work of art? It seems that art and design currently suffer from crossed channels. The possibilities to show, reveal, publish and promote are rapidly increasing, as are the considerations that come with this development. The question of where a work of art works is surrounded by an ever increasing openness: theatre on a blog, sculpture in Second Life, fashion design in a social process, government campaigns disseminated through television soaps, found footage projected during a social gathering, a biennial as a continual opening process.

Does this openness and diversity lead to greater precision, attention, and dissemination? Or is there a tendency towards fragmentation, crudeness, socialization and commercialization? What do all these developments imply for the situation of (Graduate) art education?

The structure of the symposium differs from that of the earlier editions. There will no longer be a string of speakers addressing the audience from the pulpit. Instead we will follow the original idea of symposium as formulated by Plato: a series of mixed table conversations in varying group compositions and in six courses that match our guests’ tastes.

DARE # 5 Symposium: Doing Dissemination
Opening speech: Nicolas Bourriaud. Host: Hein Eberson. Table guests: Bik Van der Pol, Jurgen Bey, Geert Lovink, Wim Nijenhuis and Remko Scha.
Location: Pastoe Toonkamer Ketelhuis, Rotsoord 3, Utrecht.
Time: April 1, 3-9 pm.

Applications: the number of places available for participants in the symposium is limited. For reservations e-mail [email protected]

Fine Art: curator Mika Hannula, location Expodium, Utrecht.
Communication Design: curator Thomas Clever, location Academiegalerie, Utrecht.

Spatial Design: curator Arjen Oosterman, location Aorta, Utrecht.
Time: 27 Augustus – 5 September.

maHKU, the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design in The Netherlands offers a one-year Master program in visual art and design. (MA Fine Art and MA Design: Editorial Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Public Space Design).

The Master programs offer seminars, workshops, and tutorials where artists, architects, design professionals, curators, philosophers, and visual culture theorists share their knowledge, creativity, and professional insights with maHKU students.

The maHKU’s Master programs focus on:
– expansion of knowledge and expertise in visual and theoretical work
– interdisciplinarity
– individual research
– development of discipline-specific discourses
– novel fields of artistic research

Application and admission during the year. Deadline: April 30
For more information and application or [email protected]

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MaHKU, Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design
March 23, 2010

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