April 1, 2017 - Escola da Cidade - COUNTER International Seminar CONDUCTS
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April 1, 2017
April 1, 2017

Escola da Cidade

Visual Language: Vitor Cesar.

COUNTER International Seminar CONDUCTS
Politics of architecture and slavery in contemporaneity
April 4–8, 2017

Escola da Cidade
São Paulo-SP


Curated by Ana Carolina Tonetti and Ligia Nobre
with CONTRACONDUTAS Team within Escola da Cidade’s Technical Council 

Responsible for building and fostering a collective dialogue among heterogeneous publics, CONTRACONDUTAS (COUNTER-CONDUCTS) is a political-pedagogical project that articulates a network of over 250 individuals, and 15 socio-cultural and educational organizations, both actively participating in and amplifying the public debate on contemporary slavery and its specificities in civil construction.

Developed within the scope of Escola da Cidade’s Technical Council, COUNTER-CONDUCTS seeks to respond, with various political-pedagogical actions, to some of the issues opened up by formal inspection and situations registered on the spot related to slavery at a large construction site in Guarulhos—Terminal 3 of the International Airport of São Paulo. According to a decision by the Ministério Público do Trabalho (Public Ministry of Labor) in Guarulhos, part of the payment of the Term of Adjustment of Conduct (TAC), assigned to a large construction company, was allocated to the Associação Escola da Cidade for the elaboration of a project that would problematize and impact the public debate on major infrastructure projects, migration, and slavery in contemporaneity.

The COUNTER-CONDUCTS project was conceived by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, with a one-year duration (May 2016 to May 2017), and operates as a device that intersects several didactic-pedagogical activities at Escola da Cidade – School of Architecture and Urbanism, while also incorporating and stimulating academic, journalistic and artistic inquiries, launching public debate on the theme and its repercussions on the city, social relations, territorial occupation, migratory flows, public policies and cultural productions. In addressing questions about socio-economic structures and systems that impact the processes in civil construction and its means of production in the globalized world, this research-diagram aims at reflecting on an array of conducts-counter-conducts: individual and collective, professional and academic, institutional and activist, and cartographic and imagetic, thus interweaving the practices of the law and architecture.

At Escola da Cidade, on April 8, there will be the launch of Cadernos de Pesquisa da Escola da Cidade #3 - CONTRACONDUTAS, and the opening of the COUNTER-CONDUCTS DIAGRAM exhibition (April 8–May 13, 2017), with commissioned "Public Interventions" (in dialogue with UNIFESP Mediation and Curatorial Program) by Núcleo de Estudos das Espacialidades Contemporâneas NEC - IAU USP, Raquel Garbelotti, Vânia Medeiros, Coletivo Metade, Coletivo 308, Vitor Cesar, and the Project research content.

The COUNTER International Seminar CONDUCTS seeks to promote discussions on the politics of architecture and slavery in contemporaneity, gathering architects, artists, anthropologists, journalists, historians, activists, and researchers. In its 12th edition, the Escola da Cidade International Seminar is being jointly organized with Sesc São Paulo.


April 4, 2017, 2–5pm 
Panel: Labor and Architecture
Sesc Belenzinho

Beatriz Tone and Cristiane Gomes—Usina
Ana Luiza Nobre and RioNow Research Group—PUC-Rio
Peggy Deamer—Yale University 
Moderated by Ana Carolina Tonetti and Ligia Nobre—Escola da Cidade

Architecture as a Political Technology

Felicity Scott—Columbia University

April 5, 2017, 2–5pm
Panel: Designing Strategies
Sesc Bom Retiro

Manuel Ulloa—EAHR
Diego Barajas and Camilo Garcia—Husos
Melanie Dodd—MUF Art & Architecture / Central Saint Martins
Moderated by Marina Grinover—Escola da Cidade

April 6, 2017, 2–5pm
Sesc Bom Retiro
Panel: Counter-Cartographies   

Daniel Lima—Frente 3 de Fevereiro
André Mesquita—Rede Conceitualismos do Sul
David Sperling—NEC IAU-USP
Pablo Ares—Iconoclassistas
Moderated by Marta Lagreca—Escola da Cidade

April 7, 2017, 2–5pm
Panel: The Common and Rights: abilities to respond
Sesc Campo Limpo

Paulo Tavares—UnB
Karina Leitão—FAU USP
Rodrigo Bonciani—UNILA
Moderated by Amalia dos Santos—Escola da Cidade

April 8, 2017, 3:30pm
Escola da Cidade

Open conversation with CONTRACONDUTAS Team
Launch of Research Journal of Escola da Cidade #3
Opening of COUNTER-CONDUCTS DIAGRAM exhibition

More information on the  programme on the website.
Free entry. Please register at sescsp.org.br/contracondutas


Centro de Pesquisa de Formação do Sesc
Rua Dr. Plínio Barreto, 285, 4° andar
Bela Vista [metrô Trianon]
CEP:01313-20 – São Paulo SP
T +55 11 3254 5600 / centrodepesquisaeformacao [​at​] sescsp.org.br

Sesc Belenzinho
Rua Padre adelino, 1000
Belenzinho [subway st. Belém]
03303-000 – São Paulo SP
T +55 11 2076 9700 / email [​at​] belenzinho.sescsp.org.br

Sesc Bom Retiro
Al. Nothmann, 185  
Campos Elíseos [subway st. Luz]
01216-000 – São Paulo SP
T +55 11 3332 3600 / email [​at​] bomretiro.sescsp.org.br

Sesc Campo Limpo
Rua Nossa Senhora do Bom Conselho, 120
Campo Limpo [subway st. Campo Limpo]
05763-470 – São Paulo SP
T +55 11 5510 2700 / email [​at​] campolimpo.sescsp.org.br

Escola da Cidade
Rua General Jardim, 65
Vila Buarque [subway st. República]
01223-011 – São Paulo SP
T +55 11 3258 8108 / escoladacidade [​at​] escoladacidade.edu.br

Escola da Cidade
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