May 13, 2017 - Guangdong Times Museum - Open call: Operation PRD and Banyan Commune, 2017–18
May 13, 2017

Guangdong Times Museum

Roxana Pérez-Ménde, Me Fui A Caballo, 2011. LED aluminum sign electrical components. © Guangdong Times Museum.

Open call: Operation PRD and Banyan Commune, 2017–18

Application deadline: July 31, 2017

Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund
The Pearl River Delta (PRD) as a constructed geographical division originated from the hydrographic integration of the Pearl River and its distinctive regional tradition and indigenous culture. Over the past two decades, the geo-cultural root has been shifted by regional geo-political changes and global economic reform and decline, the circulation of objects, people, capital, images and ideas has profoundly modified the everyday life and cultural landscape of the PRD.

Located on the Southeast of China as an urban center of the PRD, Guangzhou possesses many historical, cultural, and geopolitical attributes of the South. Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund situates the Museum in a rich and complex constellation of Southern theories, narratives and imaginaries by focusing on artists, filmmakers, writers, scholars and self-organized activities that negotiate between global capitalism and local forms of interpretation and resistance.

Prioritizing interdisciplinary research and collaborative platform, proposals may take the form of a commission, publication, workshop, performance, screening, discussion, or other modes of presentation. In 2017, two selected proposals that fulfill the following criteria will each receive a research fund up to 25,000 RMB (about 3750 USD) and one of these two will be granted an extra of 30,000 RMB for presentation in Times Museum:

–Projects that engage with regional perspectives of the Pearl River Delta and the writing of local art history that intersect with the movement of globalization

–Historical research on the exchange and dialogue between China and other countries of the Global South with regard to the circulation of artistic ideas, productions and exhibitions

–Projects that challenge Northern-centric perspectives, and explore new networks of theoretical reflection and action

–Projects that develop critical responses to and investigations of issues of colonialism, nature, gender, class, and race under the framework of “Southern Theory”


Banyan Commune
Located on the city’s shifting border, where hybrid forms of urbanism and complex demographics have profoundly shaped the archetypal suburban landscape. diverse communities grow in symbiosis with heterogeneous properties of land—such is the surrounding and context of the museum.

Banyan Commune is a unique phenomenon of community life and civil culture in southern China, a gathering place traditionally served as a community center for the neighborhood. The Banyan Commune was initiated in 2016, which has witnessed the seasonal changes, day-and-night alternate of the surrounding neighborhood while serving as the window for connecting the museum to public.

The artist will act as a host of this temporary public space, using the Huangbian neighborhood as research subject to foster continuous dialogue, understanding, and communication about the actual context of the museum. Reflecting on the role of the contemporary art museum in a residential community while constructing organic relations between the institution and the surrounding place, Banyan Commune intends to generate a trace for the ever-changing region of South China in the process of urbanization.

Banyan Commune welcomes proposals by local and international artists and collectives for bi-annual, month-long residencies. Proposed projects should be visual, participatory, and public engaging in nature, including installation, video, sounds, performance, and events among others. Selected artist or artist collective will be provided with:

–Accommodation and workspace with basic living facilities

–Round-trip economy-class flight or train tickets to Guangzhou

–Living expenses during the residency

–Production budget of up to 50,000 RMB (7500 USD)

–Assistance with applying for extra grants or sponsorships

–Project assistant, support for academic research and translation, etc.

Application requirements
–Project proposal, including the statement, working schedule, presentation plan, and a detailed plan of project realization

–Applicant’s portfolio

–Description of assistance needed for realizing the project


Please visit for detailed introduction and combine all your application documents into a single PDF file and email to prd [​at​] (for Operation PRD: All the Way South Research Fund) and banyan [​at​] (for Banyan Commune).

Guangdong Times Museum
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