July 5, 2017 - Artforum - Artforum’s artguide: now free
July 5, 2017


Artforum’s artguide: now free


Artforum’s artguide: now free


Artforum’s directory of exhibitions in over 800 cities is now free.

Download the latest version of the international art world’s most comprehensive guide to exhibitions, events, and art fairs in more than 800 cities.
App Store  or  Google Play

The best companion for seeing art anywhere.

So much information at your fingertips. Fast, intuitive navigation and elegant design. I am very glad I downloaded it.

Must have
It’s amazing how many events around the world are covered here. It has taken me to great and unexpected places. I have the app to thank!

So Essential
Hands down the best way to scope out shows in any city in the world. I use it all the time in NYC and whenever I travel – so helpful to be able to view galleries & museums on a map, and really love the clean design. A must-have.

Easily the best gallery guide app
I'm glad it's now available on Android.
—O.K. Fox

Essential app for gallery hopping
Great app and easy to use. Gives a comprehensive overview of galleries and museums. The map feature makes planning an afternoon so easy. Especially great for when traveling to new cities. Far more in depth than other apps. It’s definitely a must-have!

Do you have a love of art and what is happening in the discipline? Then you found the ultimate tool to stay current.
—James Lanigan Thompson

Très bien 
I just used the artforum artguide app while visiting Paris. I was able to see a ton of galleries as the app is very thorough with its listings. Additionally the map feature made navigating all the little streets with tucked away galleries easy to find. I highly recommend it when trekking around and discovering galleries in new cities. Très bien.

Excellent and comprehensive listing of art exhibitions by city. The myguide feature is particularly helpful! You can add exhibitions to your myguide list while browsing, then view as a list and also on a map. Brilliant feature!

Clean, simple interface and great information
And best of all, useful for so many locations—anywhere my travels would take me.

Indispensable guide for seeing art internationally
A necessary tool for navigating the chaos of the art world. I use this frequently in New York to stay on top of what’s opening and closing, and shows I would have otherwise missed, and found it equally useful when I was in London. The app is great for letting art aficionados feel like a native wherever they are.

The art world at your fingertips
It’s easy to use, and the global reach of the database is unmatched.

Comprehensive and easy to use
There are very few apps or websites out there that cover art museums and galleries all over the world. artguide is one of those. The New York listings are consistently up-to-date. I often use it to see the gallery openings since it is more comprehensive than many other apps that I have used. Yes the app focuses on the main cities like New York, London, and Paris, but I also find pretty extensive listings in some smaller but also important art cities, like Shanghai, Beirut, and Bogotá. It is a good companion for going to art fairs as well. All of the Miami fairs were listed this year and it made planning the trip much easier with the map option.

Fantastic app for gallery visits
Love this app—it’s extremely helpful for planning my itinerary for visiting galleries in New York (which I do frequently because of my line of work). It organizes galleries based on location, which is immensely helpful when navigating through a long list.

Best companion to art & openings
I love this app! It keeps me in the loop of what’s happening in the art world wherever I am. I can’t wait to travel overseas with it.
—Teufel Friedrich

An impressive achievement and a beautifully designed app! It’s nice to see something useful from a magazine app instead of rote digital copies of their print issues.

Artforum does it again!
This is amazing. It’s great to have all this info in one place with all the art that happens in NYC. Can’t wait to use it in other cities when I travel too!
—Rachel Stoewer 

A flawless piece of programming that puts the art world at your fingertips. I had people following me around Istanbul like ducklings as I led them from one show to another. Bravo Artforum!
—UK Johnny

Must have!
A must-have app for anyone who wants to know what’s going on around them in the art world! Exactly what I was looking for.

This is the best gallery guide!!!
If you have any degree of interest in what’s happening in the art world today, you should download this app! All the information is kept up to date and is super helpful when traveling.

The best art guide out there
I’ve been in the market for a good art guide and nothing compares to Artforum’s. It has led me on countless art adventures around the world. No other app is so international. Create your own gallery visit list, read an exhibition’s press release, even tweet what you saw. Already, I don’t know what I would do without it!
—Dayle NY

One-stop shop!
It’s very useful when I'm going to openings, and the “nearby” function is the best! Also, I like that it’s not just NYC listings... I’m traveling in Europe this summer, so now I can plan ahead and save shows to see while I’m there.
—Michel M

Art world guidebook
While usually I completely dislike art apps, this one is terrific. It is a constantly updating, all-encompassing, and personal guidebook—literally at your fingertips. Absolutely everything you would need to know about seeing art anywhere, abroad or at home, so easy to use, and so easy to personalize. Although I don’t want to admit it, I am already finding it essential.

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