September 18, 2017 - CRP/ Hauts-de-France - Justine Pluvinage & David Schalliol: Resilient Images
September 18, 2017

CRP/ Hauts-de-France

(1) Justine Pluvinage, Milenka, Amazones, 2017. Video installation. Coproduction CRP/ and Hyde Park Art Center. © Justine Pluvinage. (2) David Schalliol, Playing Hide and Seek (Ruitz), 2017. Photograph. Coproduction CRP/ and Hyde Park Art Center. © David Schalliol. 

Justine Pluvinage & David Schalliol
Resilient Images
September 23–November 19, 2017

Opening: September 23, 12:30–3pm

CRP/ Hauts-de-France
Place des Nations
59282 Douchy-les-Mines
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And at Hyde Park Art Center from January 7–March 3, 2018
5020 S Cornell Ave
Chicago, IL 60615

Opening: January 14, 3pm

The CRP/ and the Hyde Park Art Center are pleased to present Resilient Images, an exhibition of new video and photographic work by Justine Pluvinage and David Schalliol, awardees of a 2016 international residency exchange developed by the two community-focused art centers located in Hauts-de-France and Chicago, respectively. This project is supported by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s International Connections Fund, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Institut Français.

Resilient Images is the result of several immersive residencies the artists participated in across Chicago and Hauts-de-France, respectively, and will culminate in a two-part exhibition presenting new work produced during the residencies. The CRP/ debuts the first phase of the exhibition in September, to be followed by a second iteration to be presented at Hyde Park Art Center in January 2018.

Schalliol and Pluvinage each developed site-specific, research-based projects through engaging with new communities and investigating current social and political conditions in each location. Residencies connected the artists to people, scholars, and other practitioners to facilitate their ongoing research into how contemporary society is adapting to this global moment of conflict on various fronts. Both projects highlight the reality of contemporary life in Chicago and the Northern region of France, Hauts-de- France. While vastly different in size and scale, they have linked industrial heritage; both cities were important for steel production in the last century and today continue to face economic fallout from the demise of that industry.

With the notion of human resilience at the center of both projects, Schalliol and Pluvinage mine the ways people have coped with and adapted to a rapidly transforming reality, due to financial, social and political change.

Muriel Enjalran, Curator and Director of the CRP/
Allison Peters Quinn, Director of Exhibition & Residency Programs / Hyde Park Art Center
Megha Ralapati, Residency & Special Projects Manager / Hyde Park Art Center

Justine Pluvinage
Born in 1983 in Roubaix. Lives and works in Lille.

David Schalliol
Born in 1976 in Indianapolis. Lives and works in Chicago and Minneapolis.

Resilient Images is supported by John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's International Connections Fund.

About the CRP/
Based in Douchy-les-Mines, the CRP/ develops art centre missions in the field of photography and contemporary images. Its activities include creative support, research, production, distribution and mediation, all of which is developed in a region that is marked by its industrial past, an area that showed a very early commitment to culture.

The CRP/ is one of the few art centres endowed with a collection that currently contains 9,000 works, with an art library offering the public over 400 works that may be borrowed. Linked to its significant publication activity, it also has a document collection of over 8,000 books.

The CRP/'s artistic and cultural vision, championed by its current director Muriel Enjalran, endeavours to be forward-looking, encouraging young artists through its research and support mission. It is regionally rooted while also giving attention to other art scenes abroad, through invitations to artists who come and shift or renew visitors' perceptions of their history and region, and provide access to other cultural and societal issues in the world.

CRP/ Hauts-de-France
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Resilient Images
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