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October 2017 in Artforum

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October 2017 in Artforum

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This month in Artforum:

Russia and the Art of Revolution: A century after the Soviet uprising of October 1917, Matthew S. Witkovsky, Devin Fore, and Owen Hatherley look back—and forward—at the fate of radical culture, utopia, and politics:

“What survives when the formations of the avant-garde are crushed?”
—Matthew S. Witkovsky  

Living Spaces: David Adjaye talks about design, culture, and society:

“Our ideas about a civilized world are manifested through the architecture we make.”
—David Adjaye

Perfect Storms: Ina Blom on Ed Atkins:

“Cloudy blurs coalesce at random, only to transform abruptly into the crisp whiteness of the Apple design universe.”
—Ina Blom

Managing Up: Michael Hardt on Assembly and the new activism

“The kind of political innovation we require today is produced collectively, and isn’t invented by leaders of any sort.”
—Michael Hardt

Openings: Aliza Nisenbaum:

“Nisenbaum gives primacy to the individuality of the lives that she represents, and to her sustained relationships with her subjects.”
—Emily Liebert

And: Mathieu Malouf and Jeffrey Kastner on Michel Houellebecq; Maja Naef on Wolfgang Tillmans; Beau Rutland on Reena Spaulings; Gregor Quack on Seth Price; Chanon Kenji Praepipatmongkol on Sunshower: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia, 1980s to Now.

Plus: Naomi Fry on Lauren Greenfield’s Generation Wealth; Julian Rose on Frank Lloyd Wright; David Huber on Forensic Architecture; Carlo McCormick on Glenn O’Brien; Bill Brewster on Jeff Mills; Alan Licht on Alan Vega; Anthony Byrt on Colin McCahon; Nicole Rudick on Dominique Goblet; and Sarah Zapata shares her Top Ten.

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