November 2, 2017 - Art Souterrain - 10th edition of Festival Art Souterrain: LABOR IMPROBUS
November 2, 2017

Art Souterrain

Pascale Beaudet, Emeline Rosendo and Frederic Loury. Photo: Mike Patten. 

10th edition of Festival Art Souterrain
March 3–25, 2018
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Art Souterrain presents as part of the 10th edition of its eponymous festival the contemporary art exhibition LABOR IMPROBUS, to be held March 3–25, 2018 in seven buildings of Montreal's underground network and a dozen satellite locations. 

The words LABOR IMPROBUS appear in the Latin adage Labor improbus omnia vincit, which means “Steadfast toil overcomes all things.”

The 2018 edition of the festival examines the profound changes occurring in the workplace. 

Evolving technologies cast doubt on current work conditions. In constant flux, the nature of labour and the workplace has emerged as one of this century's pivotal social and cultural issues.

Art Souterrain's executive Director and senior curator for this 10th edition, Frederic Loury, reflected on the role of work in society and its relationship to the individual and his environment. He has invited guest curators Pascale Beaudet and Emeline Rosendo to examine issues surrounding the different aspects of work, and his viewpoint is juxtaposed with the different perspectives these two experts provide on what is a rich and complex topic.

Pascale Beaudet holds a PhD in art history from the University of Rennes 2, in France, and is an author and independent curator. She has to her credit nearly 20 solo and group exhibitions, including several international ones. Ms. Beaudet has selected artists with diverse approaches: some are critical of today's neo-capitalism, some analyze it through humour, while still others offer a poetic take on it. 

Emeline Rosendo is an event designer and exhibition curator who has contributed to the creation, programming and production of numerous exhibition projects. She is interested in the notion of “human resources,” or how it is that an economic system can make an individual give of his time, physical abilities and intellectual capacities—and sometimes his very identify—to serve the aims of other individuals.

These three intertwined outlooks will make for a selection of over 70 projects by local and international artists.

For this 10th edition, Art Souterrain will present installations, photographs, videos and performances in the buildings of the Underground City and in various satellite locations in Montreal.  

As well, the 2018 festival will incorporate several new features!

Art Souterrain
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