October 29, 2017 - Jeju Biennale - Jeju Biennale 2017: Tourism
October 29, 2017

Jeju Biennale

Alddreu Airfield, Jeju, Korea. Courtesy Jeju Biennale.

Jeju Biennale 2017
September 2–December 3, 2017

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The first Jeju Biennale 2017 will be held in Jeju under the theme of Tourism at Jeju Museum of Art, Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeju-si original downtown, Seogwipo-si original downtown, Alddreu Airfield Area from September 2 to December 3, 2017. Jeju Biennale consists of three sections; exhibition, tour, and learning.

Jeju Biennale is a public sphere which aims to combine Jeju’s existing cultural heritage with cultural art and to intensively look into what kind of contemporary characteristics are revealed. It is a platform that induces fluid networking between activities in the cultural arts, institutions, space and people and through this networking to expand and reproduce cultural resources that are deeply rooted in Jeju society. Furthermore, it will be a start of an international networking opportunity with the aim to make a local in-depth biennale that does not neglect the social responsibility of art. Jeju Biennale aims to present a new model and vision of a biennale that encompasses discussions internationally and intervenes in local issues. Jeju Biennale anticipates being an open discussion platform where coevolution between things never imagined can be blended together.

As a new biennale, there is a need to establish a system where Jeju local residents can experience the value of the existence of the biennale. In order to establish this there will be a project called “Tamla Talks” which aims to systematically present the issues Jeju will need to solve and select the theme that Jeju Biennale will discuss. A variety of issues discussed during these talks will be collected and archived, so that it can be utilized in the future.

Internationally as touristic views on foreign places deepen, urban cities dramatically change. This is not just only in Jeju but is a common issue all over the world. In Korea, Jeju has dramatically experienced and has been confronted the most with this type of touristification (tourism + gentrification) phenomenon. Jeju Biennale aims to present this contemporary scene with an international citizen’s attitude, by linking local Jeju’s issues with contemporary art. It seeks to present an art scene where there is a close link with locality and contemporary issues rather than an intense discussion within the field of arts.

2017 Jeju Biennale’s overall theme is Tourism. The start would be to look for aspects the biennale will need to criticize and examine solely within the boundaries within Jeju. Tourism is a subject that dominates the daily life of Jeju citizens. Jeju’s tangible and intangible resources such as its history and natural surroundings are taxidermizing or disappearing and these can also be considered as results of tourism. Furthermore, the conflict and changes seen between the native Jeju residents and immigrated Jeju residents are also centered in the theme of tourism.

Participating artists:

Route 1 Jeju Museum of Art:
Hong Buhm, Marinos Tsagkarakis, Dawn Ng, Tatiana Macedo, Lee Wonho, Hier, Chang Leeseok, Kim Oksun, Marina Abramovic/Ulay, Marco Montiel-Soto, Asim Waqif, Moon Junyong, Jane Jin Kaisen, Taiyo Onorato&Nico Krebs, Hong Jinhwon, Area Park, Corinne Vionnet, Tsang Kinwah, Boo Jihyun, Modern Tourism Archive, Fernando Garcia-Dory, Nana Rebhan, Fabio Petronilli, Marc Schmitz, Park Juae, Marcos Novak, Yang Bangeun, Daniel Schwartz & Martin Anderson/UrbanThinkTank(UTT), Zizic/Kozul, Kang Youngmean, Jeju Olle, Vice Versa Design Studio, Jeong Jaechoul, Jaejudojoa+RE:(Rescue Earth)+ROOEEZ+UM A LONG)

Landscape project(Total 33 artists; Ko Bongsoo, Na Gyuhwan, Lee Sangyun, Choi Jinho, Team BDND(Jang Dooyoung, Lee Hyeongdong, Kim Dong-yeong, Son Uidong), Yoon Hyery, Nam Ara, Oh Chang-Rim, Ha Jungsu, Kim Jihwan, Sim Eun-Young, Lee Bitna, Kim Beomjun, Park Gyugeun, Lee Boggi, Kim Hyoeun, Baeg Gyeong-ae, Kim Sanghyun, Yoo Youngmin, Shin Chang-gyu, Jeon Yunhui, Go sang-yul, Kim seonghun, Kim Yechun, Hwang Sunghong, Yang Seonghun, Yang Huisun, Gang Changhwa, Kim Insoon, Park Myeonghui, Lee Eunsil, Bu Yunja, Park Minja)

Seongbuk Art Commons(Kim Harim, Park Hyemin, Spuiiit, Jeong Kyop, Han Soonghoon, UBAC.SB Architects & Associates + Jeju Kwon Woongkyu, Lee Hyunsik, Lee Jeonghwan + Kang Sangyoung)

Halla Salon(Total 45 artists; Kang Myeongsoon, Kang Booun, Kang Seunghee, Kang Yobae, Kang Junghyo, Ko Mincheol, Ko Soonchul, Ko Inja, Kim Namheung, Kim Mileoung, Kim Bumghun, Kim Sungoh, Kim Sungho, Kim Subeom, Kim Soonkwan Kim Eouk, Kim Changhae, Kim Chunhee, Kim Hyeryeon, Moon Eunju, Park Gwangjin, Park Seongbae, Park Sungjin, Baek Kwangik, Boo Hyunil, Seo Jaechul, Sung Changhak, Shin Wonsam, Yang Geunsuk, Oh Seungeik, Yoo Changhun, Yoon Jaewoo, Lee Dongeun, Lee Myeongbok, Lee Seunghyun, Lee Okmoon, Lee In, Lee Changhee, Chang Leesuok, Jang Yeojin, Jung Gyu, Cho Kanghyun, Chae Kiseon, Hyun Byungchan, Hong Jinsuk)

Jirisan Project(Kim Hyungkyu, Kim Daehong),

Real DMZ Project(Noh Suntag, Park Yumi, Choi Geneuk, Mark Lewis)

Route 2 Jeju Contemporary Museum of Art:
K-Arts Korea/China/Japan Cultural Olympic, Lee Jiyu, Jung Yeondoo, Seems Like Community, Listen to the City, Oliver Ressler, Koh Seungwook, Shilpa Gupta, Kim Taekhwa, Kim Yousun, Dionisio Gonzalez,

Project: The Road 43518 – AMMA (total 32 artists; Park Jinhee, Park Taehu, Seo Sungbong, Park, Song Mengsuk, Seung Jina, Yang Kyungsik, Yang Mikyung, Eun Haein, Lee Jonghu, Lee Junkyu, Lim Inja, Chung Sunjae, Jung Youngchang, Jung Yongsung, Joo Rayoung, Ju Hong, Han Heewon, Hong Dukpyo, Hong Jinsuk Narration: Choi Sangdon Lecture: Kim Kyunghoon)

Route 3 Alddreu Airfield:
IVAAIU, Choi Pyunggon, Gu Bonju, Kim Haegon, ChoiKo Team, Kang Taehwan, Lim Kyungsup, Seo Sungbong, Kang Moonseok, Jeon Jongcheol, Oak Jungho, Ha Seokhong+Han Jaejoon

Route 4 Seogwiposi Original Downtown
Performance Art Theatre. Lee JungSeob Residential Area

Jeong Jaechoul, Rainbow Child

Route 5 Jejusi Original Downtown Art Space IAa:
Park Seonyoung+Park Jinie, Justin Tylor Tate, Kim Taekyun, Park Jongho, Lee Chunfung, Yang Jazoo, Jeonghee Churches, Kim Beomjun, Huangrui, Seongbuk Art Commons(Kim Choons, Kang Hyunah, Jeong Kyop, Jang Youngwon)

Other routes: Jeju International Airport
Ha Seokhong+Han Jaejoon

Jeju Biennale
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