September 3, 2018 - Kunsthaus Baselland - Beehave
September 3, 2018

Kunsthaus Baselland

Peter Regli, RH No 272, 2009. © Peter Regli.

In cooperation with the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona
September 14–November 11, 2018

Kunsthaus Baselland
St. Jakob-Strasse 170
4132 Muttenz, Basel
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm

T +41 61 312 83 88
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Opening: September 13, 6:30pm, In the presence of many participating artists 
Family tour and workshop: September 23, 2–4pm, Swarming around art with artist Katharina A. Wieser. Register by the 19 September 
Looking into the hive: September 29, 2–5pm, Workshop for families with the urban Basel apiarist Joost Oerlemans. Followed by honey tasting 
Filmscreening — Play Your Part: October 24, 6:30pm, With selected short films relating to Beehave. Presented by Chantal Molleur, White Frame 
Closing: November 11, 2pm, Workshop and symposium with Dorothea Strauss, Javier Arnaldo, Randolf Menzel 

All events can be found on our website

Brigham Baker / Mirko Baselgia / Joseph Beuys / Björn Braun / Enrique Fontanilles / Mike Hentz / Leiko Ikemura / Sandra Knecht / Jan Kopp / Carmen E. Kreis / Xavi Manzanares & Àlex Muñoz / Marta Margnetti / Joan Miró / Meret Oppenheim / Luis Fernando Ramírez Celis / Boris Rebetez / Peter Regli / Toni Serra *) abu ali / Till Velten / Pep Vidal / Philip Wiegard / Katharina Anna Wieser / Andrea Wolfensberger

The honey bee – we know about its important role as a useful insect and pollinator, but equally as a biological indicator of environmental change. The disproportionally significant part it plays in ecosystems is becoming better known, not least because it is under threat. On the other hand, neurobiologists study these insects in order to understand how communication functions between nerve cells. But what part do they play in art? Numerous contemporary artists have positioned honey bees at the heart of their practice or in key works, either the creature itself with its highly complex social behaviour, or its products of honey or beeswax. This complex, societally relevant topic will thus be brought into focus and examined through important works from contemporary art in the Kunsthaus Baselland exhibition. The exhibition at the Kunsthaus is created in cooperation with the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona. Beehave equally challenges our behaviour and our role within society. It also, however, poses the question of what responsibility we want or should take in relation to our environment. In addition, the exhibition will illustrate how artists today occupy a seismographic role regarding many important current topics, and how bees can serve us as a model organism. The topic will be further investigated through an extensive mediation and events programme, a symposium and a volume of texts. This latter contains contributions from Simon Baur, Martin Dettli, Ines Goldbach, Manuel Herz, Dieter Koepplin, Martina Millà and Hansmartin Siegrist, as well as an interview with the artist Sandra Knecht, and is published by the Verlag für moderne Kunst, Vienna.

Lab Beehave
In a cooperation between the Kunsthaus Baselland and the Institut LGK HGK FHNW, the Lab Beehave develops formats and tools relating to the exhibition to make connections between visitors, works in the exhibition, locations and current discussions relating to the meaning and protection of bees. The Lab Beehave is conceived as an experimental access point to the exhibition – an approach to it, swarming out from it and located in it. 

Curator: Ines Goldbach, Director Kunsthaus Baselland

Further Information:

For further information and image requests, please contact: office [​at​]
Exhibition Assistant: Carole Ackermann, carole.ackermann [​at​]
Education and Press: Ines Tondar, ines.tondar [​at​]

For the support of the Kunsthaus Baselland, we sincerely thank, Migros Kulturprozent, Gemeinde Muttenz, Werner Sutter Architektur und Immobilien, Anthony Vischer, und Bruckhardt+Partner.

For their support of the exhibition «Beehave» we sincerely thank the Fundació Joan Miró Barcelona (especially Martina Millà for her idea of the project), Novartis, Stanley Johnson Stiftung, Die Mobiliar, Acción Cultural Española (supporting the participation of Spanish artists Abu Ali, Alex Muñoz Riera & Xavi Manzanares and Pep Vidal through the «Programme for the Internationalisation of Spanish Culture» (PICE), in the framework of the mobility grants), Roldenfund, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Hans und Renée Müller-Meylan Stiftung, Embajada de España en Suiza and Stadt Imkerei Basel. 


Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 11am–5pm 

T +41 61 312 83 88 
office [​at​] 


Kunsthaus Baselland
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