February 1, 2018 - Piet Zwart Institute - MIARD Archive
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February 1, 2018
February 1, 2018

Piet Zwart Institute

MIARD archive, screen shot

MIARD Archive
February 1, 2018

MIARD looks to the future: The Piet Zwart Institute Master Program creates a Digital Archive.
Archive: miard.pzwart.nl

The Piet Zwart Institute, Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design program launches a digital archive of student projects. As the program looks to the future, the archive is designed as a platform to highlight a collection of design-led research projects.

The digital archive is an image-based, user-friendly platform with access to a diversity of project types, aiming to comprehensively gather and make visible the forms of self-directed research that students produce during this Master program. The collection is envisioned as a resource of knowledge for students, staff and the public, and will evolve over time.

Course Director, Alex Suárez notes, “We want to create a comprehensive archive to catalogue, feature and share design-led research projects with our community. It is an accessible online collection that anyone can visit, and reflects the program’s ethos, quality of work and the multiple dimensional practice of Interior Architecture. We're excited to see how the archive will grow and the content will shift—in 20 years a different idea of archiving will exist.”

The archive’s navigation will organize the projects in four sections, which reflect the structure of the curriculum; Graduation Projects, Writings, Design Projects and Multiple Media. One can also search content by the year the project was made or by thematic sub-filters. These search options offer the user ways to search for specific subjects and to view projects in the context of various combinations.  

A section called "public" echoes the program’s view on “making public” as a concept and activity. It makes visible program events and the professional achievements of the students, including scholarships, awards, publications, collaborations, exhibitions and the international lecture series. Additionally, future applicants to MIARD can access the archive for an inclusive look at the program activities, the projects and areas of knowledge and research production. 

MIARD is accepting applications for September 2018. For more information, visit here.

Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design, MIARD at the Piet Zwart Institute is a postgraduate program that is part of the Willem de Kooning Academy. MIARD is a nationally accredited two-year program with a focus on design-led research, experimentation and critical strategies within the field of Interior Architecture. The international program is multidisciplinary and students earn a Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) degree.

About Piet Zwart Institute
The Piet Zwart Institute houses the international Master programs of the Willem de Kooning Academy at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Since 1999 it has been dedicated to promoting study and research in the fields of art, design and art education. Named after the pioneering Dutch designer, Piet Zwart, who worked experimentally across media and contexts, the Institute offers a rich combination of in-depth specialisation and interdisciplinary exchange within an intimate learning environment.

Piet Zwart Institute
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