April 25, 2018 - Public Art Munich - Public Art Munich 2018
April 25, 2018

Public Art Munich

Design Till Gathmann. Drawing Dan Perjovschi. Photos Cana Bilir-Meier, Anders Eiebakke, Leah Kawka.

Public Art Munich 2018
Game Changers
April 30–July 27, 2018

Grand opening: April 30, 7pm, A Reenactment of the 1974 East Germany-West Germany World Cup Match with Massimo Furlan as Sepp Maier & Franz Beil as Jürgen Sparwasser
Olympic Stadium, Munich

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The declaration of the Bavarian Soviet Republic in 1919, the democratic optimism of the Olympic Stadium’s inauguration in 1972, the welcoming of refugees at the central train station in Munich in summer 2015—these events lasted just a couple of days or hours, but they still have an impact on how societies reinvent themselves. PAM 2018 presents 20 performative artistic commissions that address such paradigmatic shifts from the vantage point of Munich, a city that has witnessed radical ideological turns of events. The question is not whether to take part, but how and on what terms? What should change and what shouldn’t?

Curated by Joanna Warsza


April 30
Aleksandra Wasilkowska, Gold for Natascha, Silver for Timofei / East-West Peace Church
Anna McCarthy & Gabi Blum, Parade of the W(e/a)k / Olympic Stadium
Massimo Furlan, A Reenactment of the 1974 East Germany–West Germany World Cup Match, with original commentaries / Olympic Stadium

May 1
Dan Perjovschi, Live Painting Labor Day / MaximiliansForum
Flaka Haliti & Markus Miessen, PAM Pavilion / Viktualienmarkt
Jonas Lund & Patricia Reed , Hi Munich! This One is for You! / Facebook & PAM Pavilion

May 4/5
Michaela Melián, Music from a Frontier Town / Amerikahaus

May 11
Alexander Kluge, Der Wilde Atem der Freiheit & Sarah Morris, Woman on a Horse (Self-Portrait) / Kunst-Insel Lenbachplatz
Students ADBK Munich, An Epilogue / Academy of Fine Arts Munich

May 19
Olaf Nicolai, Rara Avis in Terris / Hotel Bayerischer Hof

May 26
Cana Bilir-Meier, Foundation Stone / Freimann Mosque

June 2
Alexandra Pirici & Jonas Lund, N Football / Allianz Arena

June 9           
Maria Lind, My Munich Years / Munich Kunstverein

June 15–17
Anders Eiebakke, Munich Dove / Theresienwiese
Rudolf Herz & Julia Wahren, Desperados 1919 / Schwere-Reiter Gelände

June 23
The 9th Futurological Congress: Julieta Aranda, Mareike Dittmer & Thomas Meinecke / Bavarian Public Observatory

June 30
Chantal Mouffe, For a Left Populism / PAM Pavilion

July 6–8
Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Aural Contract Audio Archive / Radio Free Europe

July 19–22
Franz Wanner, The Interrogation / X Shared Spaces, Münchner Kammerspiele   
Leon Eixenberger, Streets of Giants / X Shared Spaces, Münchner Kammerspiele
Mariam Ghani / X Shared Spaces, Münchner Kammerspiele

July 27
Ari Benjamin Meyers, Staatsorchester / Munich City Hall


PAM 2018 presents art in the public sphere, not just in public space. It addresses burning issues of our times through artists’ perspectives, sensibilities, and extraordinary ideas. It zooms in and out of Munich, always taking place at different locations. Its only permanent venue is the PAM Pavilion designed by Flaka Haliti & Markus Miessen at Viktualienmarkt—a market that embodies Munich’s charms as well as its clichés.

PAM 2018 conceives its program in minutes, not square meters, leaving the protection of institutional walls. Performances, interventions, public gatherings, talks, aperitifs and much more take place every weekend from late April to late July. Admission is always free and open to everyone.


PAM Public Sphere Glossary
by Gürsoy Doğtaş
, Behzad Khosravi Noori and Patricia Reed

Algorithmic Decision Making,  Attention Economics, Aural Politics, Autonomous Driving, Bit-Player, Bureaucratization, Customer Journey , Datafication, Human Decentering, Facticity, Financialization, Forensic Acoustics, Dove of Peace, Game Changers, Counterhegemony, Counterpublic, Countersurveillance, Commons, Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany, Inexistence, Incentives, Instrumentalization, Intersectionality, Communicative Capitalism, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Contingency, The Lasky Center for Transatlantic Studies, Left-Wing Populism, Marginality, Human-Machine Coupling, East-West Schism, No-Fly Zone, Parallel Worlds, Performativity, Personalization, Plop art, Pluripolar, Re-education, Reappropriation, Relational Specificity, Site-specificity, Social-Media-Targeting, Spectacle, Speculation, Structures of Trust, Temporality, Undifferentiated serialization and more.

PAM, commissioned by the City of Munich, is Munich’s biggest public art program. Its first edition in 2013, A Space Called Public / Hoffentlich Öffentlich, was curated by Elmgreen & Dragset.

Performances take place all across the city every weekend from end of April until end of July.

Press Contact
Nan Mellinger
press [​at​] pam2018.de

David Ulrichs
david [​at​] davidulrichs.com

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Public Art Munich
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