Call for applications: Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (PACT) - MA, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Certificate and Certificate of Study

Call for applications: Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (PACT) - MA, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Certificate and Certificate of Study

The European Graduate School (EGS)

Left to right, top to bottom: Judith Butler, Slavoj Žižek, Angela Davis, Avital Ronell, Catherine Malabou, Jean-Luc Nancy, Peter Szendy, Boris Groys, Sha Xin Wei. 

March 21, 2018
Call for applications: Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought (PACT) - MA, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Certificate and Certificate of Study
Upcoming sessions : June, August or October 2018 (six seminars per session, approximately three weeks in length)
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For twenty years, artists, musicians, film-makers and many of the finest thinkers in the field of modern theory have assembled at the European Graduate School. 

They have assembled, first and foremost, for the teaching experience. We want to invite you to join us. 

In accredited MA and PhD programs ("Philosophy, Art, and Social Thought," "Literary, Musical, and Visual Thought"), but also in new certificate programs, EGS students have the opportunity to undertake a unique cross-disciplinary curriculum with professors whose work has helped to define modern thought.  These students do not learn about theory (as in most graduate programs), they learn the practice of theory in questioning that is always profoundly relevant to the issues of our time.

Advantages of the EGS structure include:
—An intensive structure that allows students to undertake an advanced degree (or a certificate of study that does not require a thesis) while pursuing their professional ambitions.

—A tuition that is quite modest with respect to most private graduate programs (and even some public ones).

—Access to what is probably the finest graduate faculty in the world for philosophically-informed theory, and exposure to cutting-edge intellectual and artistic developments at the intersections of fields such as political thought, literature, film, digital research, music, and architecture. To see which Professors are teaching during each session, view the course schedule here

—The opportunity to join a highly diverse and vibrant community in sites of stunning beauty. This community is "exclusive" only in the sense that it attracts creative individuals motivated by intellectual curiousity and a desire to discover what critical thought can be.  Admission to the program is determined by a student's overall profile, not by their GPA within a specific discipline.

The EGS challenges disciplinary traditions even as it seeks to attain the best of what a university can offer in times that require critical awareness, creative response, and sober reflection devoted to the conditions for global change.  At the EGS, seriousness of purpose conjoins with joy in discovery in seminars that are concerned not with rehearsing answers, but with finding the right questions.  We seek, in our programs, to empower students to pursue these questions via inspiration and attentive guidance.

The Division of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought offers MA and PhD degrees, as well as a Postdoctoral Research Certificate (for one or two years of study) and a Certificate of Study (for a single session).  Students may also apply to attend particular seminars, space allowing. 

MA and PhD students attend one session of their choice per year in both their first and in their second years of study at the EGS. Each session consists of six seminars and is a little more than three weeks in length. Upcoming sessions include: the June Session (application deadline: May 15, 2018), the August Session (application deadline: July 15, 2018) —both in Saas-Fee, Switzerland, and the October Session (application deadline: September 15, 2018) in Valletta, Malta. Early application is recommended. For further information, write to: admissions [​at​]

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The European Graduate School (EGS)
March 21, 2018

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