April 5, 2018 - Graham Foundation - 2018 Grants to Individuals
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April 5, 2018
April 5, 2018

Graham Foundation

David K. Ross, Art Gallery, Bushwick (SO-IL) II, 2017, New York, NY. Courtesy of the artist. From the 2018 Graham Foundation Individual Grant to David K. Ross for Archetypes.

2018 Grants to Individuals

Graham Foundation
Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Chicago, Illinois 60610

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The Graham Foundation announces the award of 534,850 USD for 74 new grants to individuals that support international projects. Grantee projectsundertaken by 111 collaboratorsrepresent a diverse group of individuals and collectives engaging original ideas that advance our understanding of the designed environment. Selected from over 600 proposals, the funded projects include exhibitions, publications, films, new media works, and site-specific installations that promote rigorous scholarship, stimulate experimentation, and foster critical discourse in architecture. The projects are helmed by architects, artists, choreographers, historians, and filmmakers, hailing from cities such as Milan, Italy; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Tallinn, Estonia; Kampala, Uganda; and Chicago, IL, where the Graham Foundation is based.

The new grantees join a worldwide network of individuals and institutions that the Graham Foundation has supported through the award of more than 4,400 grants over the past 62 years in its role as one of the most significant funders in the field of architecture. “We are thrilled to celebrate the visionary ideas of this year’s cohort,” says Sarah Herda, director of the Graham Foundation. “We continue to advocate for innovative positions in architecture, anticipating the increasingly expansive nature of the field with ambitious and multidisciplinary projects.”

Exhibitions (9)
Jasmina Cibic (London, United Kingdom), Cyril Eberle, Phi Yen Nguyen, Huong Dieu Pham, and Hoanh Tran (Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; and Singapore), David J. Getsy (Chicago, IL), Stefan Gruber (Pittsburgh, PA), Gordon Hall (New York, NY), Ashley Hunt (Los Angeles, CA), MILLIØNS: Zeina Koreitem and John May (Topanga, CA), Karthik Pandian and Andros Zins-Browne (Cambridge, MA and Brussels, Belgium), Hito Steyerl (Berlin, Germany)

Film/Video/New media projects (6)
Gina M. Angelone (Calabasas, CA), Ben Thorp Brown (New York, NY), Davy Chou and Kavich Neang (Phnom Penh, Cambodia), Gerard & Kelly: Brennan Gerard and Ryan Kelly (New York, NY), Diane Hodson and Jasmine Luoma (New York, NY), Alysa Nahmias, Petter Ringbom, Marquise Stillwell, and Erin Wright (Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY)

Public program (1)
Cooking Sections: Daniel Fernández Pascual and lon Schwabe (London, United Kingdom)

Publications (33)
Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Adam Fure, and Kyle Miller (Ann Arbor, MI; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; and Syracuse, NY), Tatiana Bilbao Estudio: Tatiana Bilbao, Gabriela Álvarez, Alba Cortés, and Juan Pablo Ponce de León (Mexico City, Mexico), Can Bilsel and Juliana Maxim (San Diego, CA), Nolan Boomer, Cole Cataneo, Julia Llinas Goodman, and Sean Suchara (Long Beach, CA; New York, NY; and Seaford, NY), Valerio Borgonuovo and Silvia Franceschini (Bologna, Italy and Milan, Italy), Eric Bunge and Mimi Hoang (New York, NY), Zachary Cahill (Chicago, IL), Kenny Cupers, Catharina Gabrielsson, and Helena Mattsson (Basel, Switzerland and Buffalo, NY), Christopher Domin and Kathryn McGuire (Tucson, AZ), Rami el Samahy, Chris Grimley, and Michael Kubo (Boston, MA and Houston, TX), Other Forms: Jack Henrie Fisher and Alan Smart (Chicago, IL), Diane Yvonne Ghirardo (Santa Monica, CA), Janina Gosseye, Naomi Stead, and Deborah van der Plaat (Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia), Ingrid Hapke and Wouter Osterholt (Berlin, Germany), Joseph R. Hartman (Kansas City, MO), Ron Hunt, Andrew Lister, and Matthew Stuart (Chicago, IL; Hastings and London, United Kingdom), Sharon Irish (Champaign, IL), Sandra Jasper (Cambridge, United Kingdom), Karen Koehler (Amherst, MA), Vladimir Kulić (Oakland Park, FL), Johana Londoño (Albany, NY), Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen (New Haven, CT), Vikramaditya Prakash (Seattle, WA), Anna Puigjaner (Barcelona, Spain), Philippe Rahm (Paris, France), David Reinfurt (New York, NY), Alexander Robinson (Los Angeles, CA), Cole Roskam (Hong Kong), Fred Scharmen (Baltimore, MD), Maggie Taft (Chicago, IL), Neyran Turan (Berkeley, CA), Gary Van Zante (Cambridge, MA), Ines Weizman (London, United Kingdom)

Research and development (21)
Monica Amor (Baltimore, MD), Germane Barnes (Coral Gables, FL), Caitlin Blanchfield and Nina Valerie Kolowratnik (New York, NY and Vienna, Austria), Bradley Cantrell and Emma Mendel (Charlottesville, VA and New York, NY), Marielsa Castro Vizcarra (Calexico, CA), Joseph Litchfield Conteh (London, United Kingdom), Nicholas de Monchaux (Berkeley, CA), Brian D. Goldstein (Washington, DC), Lisa Hsieh (Minneapolis, MN), Ana María León (Ann Arbor, MI), Carl-Dag Lige (Tallinn, Estonia), Noritaka Minami (Chicago, IL), Mark R.O. Olweny (Kampala, Uganda), Galen Pardee (New York, NY), Sun-Young Park (Fairfax, VA), Luz Marie Rodríguez (Dublin, OH), David K. Ross (Montréal, Canada), Diane Simpson (Wilmette, IL), James Voorhies (San Francisco, CA), Nicole L. Woods (Notre Dame, IN), Sara Zewde (Seattle, WA)

Graham Foundation fellowships (4)
Torkwase Dyson (New York, NY), Brendan Fernandes (Chicago, IL), Martine Syms (Los Angeles, CA), Mark Wasiuta (New York, NY)

Graham Foundation
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