May 11, 2018 - State of Concept Athens - COOP SUMMIT 2018 & Yota Ioannidou: A case of perpetual no
May 11, 2018

State of Concept Athens

Installation view from Yota Ioannidou's A case of perpetual no, May 2018. State of Concept Athens. Copyright the artist and State of Concept Athens.

COOP SUMMIT 2018 & Yota Ioannidou: A case of perpetual no
May 11–July 14, 2018

State of Concept Athens
Tousa Botsari 19
117 41 Athens
Hours: Wednesday–Friday 4:30–8:30pm,
Saturday 12–5pm

T +30 21 3031 8576

In the upcoming months State of Concept and DAI merge their programs, beginning with the opening of the exhibition A Case Of Perpetual No of artist and DAI alumna Yota Ioannidou on May 11 at 8pm. On June 1 & 2 students of seven so-called COOP study-groups will disperse over Athens and present the outcome of their year-long inquiry at various locations, directly followed by DAI’s symposium “Roaming Assembly” on June 3 at State of Concept. The collaboration will culminate between June 29 and July 1 with lecture-performances by students of DAI, a convocation unfolding within the confines of Ioannidou’s installation. 

Ioannidou’s exhibition at State of Concept Athens, inaugurates a new exhibition chapter that will develop in the coming two years entitled “Department of Justice,” delving into artistic and curatorial practices that investigate the scope of the judicial whilst researching real events that have had societal impacts: court cases that have divided society and political trials that changed the course of local histories and realities. It will manifest via solo exhibitions, oral histories and other archival forms and launches with A Case Of Perpetual No by Yota Ioannidou, co-produced with DAI. The exhibition focuses on the murder of American CBS journalist George Polk in Thessaloniki, in May 1948, during the civil war following the Nazi occupation. Grigoris Staktopoulos—a journalist himself—is the tragic protagonist, accused, convicted and died as a murderer, although CIA files published in the 80s proved he had fallen victim of the Cold War that was also choreographed on Greek ground.


COOP Summit 2018: 7 study groups meet the public in Athens

–Bassam El Baroni, Diakron, Luke Pendrell and students: Proximity Aesthetics: Constructing New Ecologies of Practice reconfigures "artistic research" and practice in order to change the terms of engagement between art and society.

–Frederique Bergholtz, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Sara Giannini and students: OPERA CORRUPTION. On Tricks, Tricksters and Charms delves into art as a corruptive force.

–Rachel O’Reilly, Katya Sander, Tirdad Zolghadr and students: Realty is an exploration of gentrification and urban development in relation to art practice.         

–Marwa Arsanios, Emily Pethick, Leire Vergara and students: Curating Positions: Practising Organisation Under Present Conditions challenges conventional artistic and exhibition thinking and formats.

–María Berríos, Tina Gverović, Ruth Noack and students: Sleeping with a Vengeance, Dreaming of a Life is an investigation laying claim to the subversive nature of sleep.

–Nick Aikens, Annie Fletcher, Navine G.Khan-Dossos and students: Practicing Articulation, Articulating Practice explores political position through artistic practice in flux.

–Florian Göttke, Marianna Maruyama, Jorinde Seijdel and students: Topologies of Touch is a "tactile topology" that focuses on the material connections among mobile bodies.


Roaming Assembly 22: “Eurasian Steps” 
This iteration of the long-term research Unmappping Eurasia will bring artists and researchers Sung Hwan Kim, Binna Choi, You Mi, Nikolay Smirnov and DAI participants, amongst others, to the stage for a one-day assembly to (de)construct Athens as a “Eurasian gateway” in the process of building “slower Silk Road” (Élisée Reclus) vis-a-vis a state driven geostrategic operation such as Chinese Belt and Road initiative and its collaboration with Greek governments.

Yota Ioannidou
A case of perpetual no

Opening May 11, 8–11pm 

COOP Summit 2018 
June 1 & 2, various locations in the city of Athens

Roaming Assembly #22
June 3rd, State of Concept Athens

For more info on the programs, their location and times at and

DAI Roaming Academy is powered by the Graduate School of ArtEZ.
“Department of Justice” is funded by the Foundation for Arts Initiative and Outset Greece. 

State of Concept Athens
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