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March 2019 in Artforum
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March 2019 in Artforum
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This month in Artforum:

A Philosophy of the Cauterized Wound: Tobi Haslett on the art of Bouchra Khalili

“The state may be a smashing, merciless fist. But for certain exploited peoples, statehood was and is a dream.”
—Tobi Haslett

Project: David Velasco introduces Paul Mpagi Sepuya

“Sepuya wants to withdraw from the promises of clarity, lucidity, lightness. He likes to think of all the things that happen in darkness, in back rooms, after hours, away from the beguiling curse of transparency.” 
—David Velasco    

Survivor Syndrome: Catherine Taft on Matthew Barney’s new work

“Barney explicitly addresses the American romance with the gun—as aesthetic machine, potent weapon, and symbol of fierce individualism.”
—Catherine Taft

Openings: Zack Hatfield on Julien Nguyen

“To whom does history permit grace? How does desire shape a self, and when and how do we look away?”
—Zack Hatfield

And: Jace Clayton on Kevin Beasley’s A view of a landscape: A cotton gin motor; Gökcan Demirkazık on Rania Stephan’s Threshold; Ara Osterweil on Malena Szlam’s ALTIPLANO; Kate Sutton on Gabriele Beveridge; Kaelen Wilson-Goldie on the Kochi-Muziris Biennale; and Christian Lorentzen on Gary Indiana’s Vile Days.

Plus: Amy Taubin and Ed Halter on Jonas Mekas, J. Hoberman on Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey into Night, Melissa Anderson on the films of Christian Petzold, Jessica Loudis on New York’s KGB Spy Museum, Ida Panicelli on “The Street, Hannah Stamler on Rina Banerjee, and Gabriel Held shares his Top Ten

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