September 21, 2018 - Pli Revue - Pli issue no. 4: "Materials" out now
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September 21, 2018
September 21, 2018

Pli Revue

Pli 04 – Material(s), September 2018. Photo: Bonjour Garçon Studio.

Pli issue no. 4: "Materials" out now
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Pli issue no. 4: "Materials" out now
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Pli is an annual collaborative magazine.

Each issue investigates a theme: first “Hypertextuality,” then “Format(s),” “Conflict” and today “Material(s).”

The publication is the product of a collective work. In order to feed the editorial design process, we have thought of an illustration production process that combines six direct orders and 12 collaborations of author / illustrator couples. As for the object, it presents five experiments on the cover that envelop the entire magazine and thus characterize the whole. More about the isssue Pli 04.

Three dates, three places:
September 28 at the Pavillon des Canaux in Paris
With a scenography imagined by the Atelier PAF and Julien Baiamonte, we present Pli 04, as well as the next events of the review.

On the program: Dj-Set by Georges Kaplan Conspiracy in the kitchen, meetings and purchase of the new number in the glass roof, as well as the discovery of the 12 illustrators / illustrators of the magazine in the living room.

October 5 at Lieu Unique, Librairie Vend d’Ouest in Nantes
Located at Le Lieu Unique, the bookshop offers a selection of unexpected and curious books in literature, comics, architecture, contemporary art. 

October 27 at the Canadian Center for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal
An international research institution whose purpose is to raise public awareness of the role of architecture in contemporary society and to promote research in this field, the CCA welcomes us for a presentation of the journal, accompanied by the editorial team and Montreal contributors.

Echoing the release of the fourth edition of the journal Pli: "Matter(s)", we produced the exhibition Raw Materials, designed in collaboration with Atelier PAF and Julien Baiamonte. It traces the first steps, the first intentions of ten artists, architects, designers, graphic designers invited to participate in this issue. When the exhibition "Sub-fold" showed the process and the production process of the magazine, Raw Materials reveals the starting point. This course consists of an assembly of initial states of creation of the protagonists of Pli 04. Between research, singular and personal introspections, impulses, physical realities and specific contexts, it is the original raw and multiple before all work and refinement which is revealed to you here.

34 Grenete Gallery in Paris
Losing aside this time the process of creation, the exhibition turns to the first objects: raw materials. The genesis of the production of ten—artists, architects, designers, graphic designers—who worked on the publication is presented.

With Atelier Irradié, the Pompidou Center – Kandinsky Library, Fanette Mellier, Léo Grunstein and Camille Berger (Philippe Apeloig Studio), Les Graphiquants, matali crasset, Philippe Rahm, Pierre Antoine, Samy Rio and Spassky Fischer. Address: 34 rue Greneta, 75002, Paris

Volume Bookstore in Paris
Special Showcase of Collectif Blanc (Montreal) and inspired by their contribution to the magazine, the exhibition presents the works of Marie-Michelle Deschamps, Myriam Dion, Frédérique Gagnon, Ines Cox, Sebastien Dulude, Marie-Douce St-Jacques, Fabrice Masson-Goulet and Jean-Michel Leclerc. Address: 47, rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003, Paris

White Wall Studio in Montréal
On the theme of publication as a subject, the exhibition co-signed with Collectif Blanc, brings together artists from Paris and Montreal. The 4-day event presents an ephemeral bookstore, created in collaboration with the Canadian Center for Architecture, as well as a series of performances. Address: 4532 Avenue Laval, Montréal (Québec), Canada

Partners: Fedrigoni FranceGrand Royal StudioLe Centre Canadien d’Architecture (CCA)L’École de Condé ParisMaison TangibleLa Mutuelle des Architectes Français (MAF)La Réserve des ArtsLe Signe, centre national du graphisme

Pli Revue
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