December 12, 2018 - Pirelli HangarBicocca - 2019-2020 exhibition program
December 12, 2018

Pirelli HangarBicocca

[1] Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Volver, 2008. Photo: Davide Conconi. Courtesy Studio Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Venice. [2]
Sheela Gowda, And that is no lie, 2015. Installation view, Pérez Art Museum, Miami, 2015. Photo: Oriol Tarridas. Courtesy the artist and Pérez Art Museum, Miami. [3] Daniel Steegmann Mangrané, Naranja deprimida, 2003. Photo: Teresa Estrada. Courtesy the artist. [4] Cerith Wyn Evans, S=U=P=E=R=S=T=R=U=C=T=U=R=E (‘Trace me back to some loud, shallow, chill, underlying motive’s overspill…’), 2010. Installation view, White Cube, London, 2010. Photo: Todd – White Art Photography. Courtesy White Cube. [5] Trisha Baga, Mollusca & The Pelvic Floor, 2018. Installation view, Greene Naftali, New York, 2018. Photo: Martha Fleming-Ives. Courtesy the artist and Greene Naftali, New York. [6] Chen Zhen, Precipitous Parturition, 1999. Installation view, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, 2017-2018. © ADAGP, Paris. Photo: David Heald. Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano / Beijing / Les Moulins / Habana. [7] Neïl Beloufa, Kempinski, 2016. Installation view, Kunstmuseum Luzern, Switzerland, 2017. © 2016 MoMA, N.Y. Photo: Jonathan Muzikar. Courtesy the artist, Balice Hertling, Paris, François Ghebaly, Los Angeles, Mendes Wood DM, São Paulo and Zero…, Milan. [8] Steve McQueen, Charlotte (still), 2004. Film, 16mm film continuous projection. © Steve McQueen. Courtesy the artist, Thomas Dane Gallery and Marian Goodman Gallery.

2019-2020 exhibition program

Pirelli HangarBicocca
Via Chiese, 2
20126 Milan
Hours: Thursday–Sunday 10am–10pm

T +39 02 6611 1573
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Pirelli HangarBicocca presents its new exhibition program for 2019-2020.
Eight solo exhibitions by international artists for the next two years: different art languages, cultures and visions. 

Over the 24 months, artists from different backgrounds, generations, and cultures will offer new visions of the world through a variety of medium and themes. In the Navate space Sheela Gowda (Bhadravati, Karnataka, India, 1957), Cerith Wyn Evans (Llanelli, Wales, UK, 1958), Chen Zhen (Shanghai, 1955–Paris, 2000) and Steve McQueen (London, 1969). In the Shed space Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice, Italy, 1979), Daniel Steegmann Mangrané (Barcelona, 1977), Trisha Baga (Venice, Florida, USA, 1985) and Neïl Beloufa (Paris, 1985). The geographically diverse program will feature a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, video and film.

Exhibition calendar
The Artistic Director, Vicente Todolí, developed the 2019‒2020 calendar together with the curatorial department he heads. Each year, the 15,000 sqm space of Pirelli HangarBicocca will host two exhibitions by established artists in the Navate (5,500 sqm) and two by a younger generation of artists in the Shed (1,400 sqm).



Giorgio Andreotta Calò
February 14–July 21, 2019
Curated by Roberta Tenconi

Sheela Gowda
April 4–September 15, 2019
Curated by Nuria Enguita and Lucia Aspesi

Daniel Steegmann Mangrané
September 2019–January 2020
Curated by Lucia Aspesi and Fiammetta Griccioli

Cerith Wyn Evans
October 2019–February 2020 
Curated by Roberta Tenconi and Vicente Todolí 


Trisha Baga
February 2020–July 2020
Curated by Lucia Aspesi and Fiammetta Griccioli

Chen Zhen
April 2020–September 2020 
Curated by Vicente Todolí

Neïl Beloufa
September 2020–January 2021
Curated by Roberta Tenconi

Steve McQueen
October 2020–February 2021
In collaboration with Tate Modern
Curated by Vicente Todolí and Clara Kim with Fiontán Moran


Thursday to Sunday: 10am–10pm
Monday to Wednesday: closed
Free entry                                                                                                            

Pirelli HangarBicocca
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