October 14, 2015 - Canadian Centre for Architecture - The Other Architect
October 14, 2015

Canadian Centre for Architecture

Christian Lange, The Other Architect. Collage.

The Other Architect
October 28, 2015–April 10, 2016

Canadian Centre for Architecture
1920 rue Baile
Montréal Québec H3H 2S6


The Other Architect:
Urban Innovations Group is a clinic
ILAUD is a laboratory
AMO is an observation
Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies is a halfway house
Center for Urban Pedagogy is an urban educator
Atelier de Recherche et d’Action Urbaines is an alternatives coalition
Corridart is a street museum
Architects Revolutionary Council is a pressure group
Architectural Detective Agency is an inventory
Take Part is a workshop
Kommunen in der Neuen Welt is a pilgrimage
AD/AA/Polyark is a bus tour
Design-A-Thon is a televised charrette
Architecture Machine Group is an interface
Forensic Architecture is an evidence agency
Lightweight Enclosures Unit is a bibliography
Art Net is a chatshop
Global Tools is a crafts school
CIRCO is a thought exchange
Pidgeon Audio Visual is a lecture kit 
Multiplicity is a research network
Delos Symposion is a charter
Anyone Corporation is a dialogue

The Other Architect presents 23 case studies that emphasize the potential for architecture to identify the urgent issues of our time. These international and often multidisciplinary groups, with examples from the 1960s to today, invented and adopted new methods outside of traditional design practices in order to create architecture without building.

The alternative approaches shown in the exhibition challenge the concept of individual authorship in favor of establishing collaborative networks or partnerships with permeable roles. Their work took on non-traditional forms such as bibliographies, surveys, databases, conferences, posters, questionnaires and manifestos. By avoiding the built form, these unexpected ways of practicing allow architecture to actively shape a cultural agenda.

The exhibition is organized by CCA Chief Curator Giovanna Borasi with design by MOS Architects (New York) and graphic design by COCCU Christian Lange (Munich).

A series of public programs will expand The Other Architect within a contemporary context, inviting responses and additions from practitioners and thinkers who are constructing architecture in new ways today, and reflections from participants of the selected case studies.


The Other Architect is also a book, edited by Giovanna Borasi with contributions by Florencia Alvarez, Pep Avilés, Greg Barton, Samuel Dodd, Isabelle Doucet, Ole W. Fischer, Anna Foppiano, Kim Förster, Owen Hatherley, Larissa Harris, Alison B. Hirsch, Douglas Moffat, Whitney Moon, Pierluigi Nicolin, Kayoko Ota, Panayiota Pyla, Angela Rui, Deane Simpson, Johanne Sloan, Molly Wright Steenson, Rebecca Taylor, and Mirko Zardini. A co-publication with Spector Books, Leipzig, designed by Jonathan Hares (Lausanne and London).  416 pages and over 300 colour facsimiles of traces left in letters, books, drawings, photographs, budgets, videos, mission statements, meeting minutes, T-shirts, boats, and buses. Available October 28.


About CCA
The CCA is an international research centre and museum founded in 1979 on the conviction that architecture is a public concern. The institution is a leading voice in advancing knowledge, promoting public understanding, and widening thought and debate on architecture, its history, theory, practice and role in society today.

The CCA Collection holds one of the most significant collections of architectural material and ephemera worldwide. It promotes global, interdisciplinary research by scholars and students while continuing to grow, with a special concern toward acquiring and addressing recent digital architectural production. It offers a unique environment dedicated to the study and presentation of architectural thought and practice.

Canadian Centre for Architecture
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