COOP SUMMIT 2019 and Roaming Assembly #25 in Cagliari

COOP SUMMIT 2019 and Roaming Assembly #25 in Cagliari

Dutch Art Institute (DAI)

(1) Sardinian artichokes. Courtesy DAI. (2) Maria Lai, Pane quotidiano. (3) Curating Positions—Logics of Montage at Ex Manifattura Tabacchi, Cagliari.

June 10, 2019
COOP SUMMIT 2019 and Roaming Assembly #25 in Cagliari
June 28–30, 2019
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DAI Roaming Academy meets the public in Cagliari
After energetic landings in various European cities and towns, DAI’s soft spaceship will now be returning to Sardinia, where we will wind up a prolific year of study and conviviality and share our findings. In close collaboration with Luca Carboni (DAI, 2018) who recently moved back to his native city where he is linking his praxis as designer, artist and writer with questions regarding contemporary Sardinian ideas of identity and landscape, DAI will be presenting COOP SUMMIT 2019 followed by Roaming Assembly #25, accommodated by institutional and less institutional hosts in and around the city of Cagliari. 

COOP SUMMIT 2019, June 28–29
“………the community may truly become a ‘coming community’ if they place premium not on production, but question reproduction on a collective level.”
–You Mi in “Modes of Organization, Caring and Thinking”, report on COOP SUMMIT 2018.

DAI invites you to perambulate the city of Cagliari as part of the COOP SUMMIT, DAI’s annual two-day walking event around the outcome of the yearlong enquiry by our seven COOP study groups; imaginative, un-disciplined trajectories positioned at the heart of the DAI’s curriculum.

Untitled (Orificially Yours)
Joannie Baumgärtner, Julian Fricker, Marc Norbert Hörler, Anastasia McCammon, Eric Peter, Elien Ronse, Simon(e) van Saarloos, Karina Sarkissova, Zachary Schoenhut, Polly Wright & tutors Sara Giannini, Geo Wyeth and Arnisa Zeqo.
Partner: If I Can’t Dance I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution, Amsterdam.
Location: The University of Cagliari

Go there I don’t know where, bring something I don’t know what.
Clara Amaral, Vita Buyvid, Livio Casanova, Sara Cattin, Raphael Daibert, Vinita Gatne, Maxime Gourdon, Dina Mohamed, Clara Saito, Ciaran Wood & tutors Marwa Arsanios, Leon Filter, Leire Vergara.
Partner: Bulegoa z/b, Bilbao.
Location: Ex Manifattura Tabacchi

Peekaboo—Looking Askance at Issues of Childhood Connected to Nation.
Olivia Abächerli, Ciprian Burete, Teresa Distelberger, Jose Iglesias Ga-Arenal, Gayatri Kodikal, Sofia Montenegro, Hannah O’Flynn, Hasan Özgür Top, Leeron Tur-Kaspa & tutors María Berríos, Tina Gverović, Ruth Noack.
Partner: Nivola Museum, Orani
Location: ExArt Cagliari

reading evaporated tears
Dayna Casey, Emma De Filippo, Jiatu Gu, Nilz Källgren, Martina Mä̈chler, Konstantin Mitrokhov, Zoi Moutsokou & tutors Nick Aikens, James Bridle, Navine G.Khan-Dossos.
Partner: Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven
Location: The wetlands in the outskirts of the city

Fare niente da qualcosa: improvvisare, pubblicare, resistere!
Sara Benaglia, Saskia Burggraaf, Dorothy Hunter, Flavia Palladino, Nine Postma, Wilf Speller & tutors Jorinde Seijdel, Florian Göttke, Werker Collective (Rogier Delfos & Marc Roig Blesa).
Partner: Open!
Location: Controra - Oreri Iniziativa EditorialeOreni Iniziativa Editoriale

Banquet X
Bethany Crawford, Lucie Draai, Francesca Hawker, Assem Hendawi, Risa Horn, Samantha McCulloch, Harun Morrison, Edel O’Reilly, Mandus Ridefelt, Jasmin Schädler & tutors Bassam El Baroni, Aslak Aamot Kjaerulff, Bjarke Hvass Kure.
Partner: Diakron, Copenhagen.
Location: Orto Botanico dell’Università di Cagliari

Eurasia Underground Library
Sepideh Behrouzian, Matthieu Blond, Giorgos Gripeos, Lukas Malte Hoffmann, Irati Irulegi, Francisco Mojica, Yen Noh, Lea Rüegg, Zoe Scoglio, Duruo Wang, Matthew Wang & tutors Binna Choi and You Mi.

Partner: Casco Art Institute: Working for the Commons, Utrecht
Location: peripatetics through the city’s remote parts

Roaming Assembly #25—Radio Mutiny, June 30
A one-day radio act, a mutiny, conspired by a crew of some kind to openly oppose, through sounds, words and silences, the authorities under which hetero-normative, conservative, nationalist, xenophobic, neo-colonial and racist discourses, legislations and consciences are built, in a Europe that is slowly sinking. Our mutiny is indeed a conspiracy, but one that remains in waves. Radio waves in different frequencies and languages connect and divide; just like the waves of the waters that contour Europe.

Convened by iLiana Fokianaki & the student-collective “Island Partisans, Anarchists, Bandits and Pirates: Local histories as a guide for politically conscious practices”. 

With contributions from: Heba Y. Amin,
 Ana Dević (WHW), Stefano Levidis (Forensic Architecture), Giorgia Linardi (Sea-Watch), Daniela Ortiz, Tabita Rezaire (in absentia) and Montecristo Project
Location: Lazzaretto di Cagliari

The Roaming Assembly is DAI’s recurring, guest curated symposium as part of our Planetary Campus.
More info / Contact: Nikos Doulos (n.doulos [​at​]

DAI is powered by ArtEZ University of the Arts.

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Dutch Art Institute (DAI)
June 10, 2019

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