May 15, 2019 - Architectural Association School of Architecture - AA Summer Programmes 2019
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May 15, 2019
May 15, 2019

Architectural Association School of Architecture

Courtesy Architectural Association.

AA Summer Programmes 2019
Applications open
July 1–19, 2019

Architectural Association School of Architecture
36 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3ES

T +44 20 7887 4000
Twitter / Facebook / Instagram

Apply now to the AA’s summer programmes taking place at its home in Bedford Square, its forest in Hooke Park, Dorset, or at one of its Visiting Schools across the globe.

New in 2019 are the Summer Sessions. Small, select groups of participants will work with world-leading figures to inquire in a cross-disciplinary manner and to traverse the significance of decisive and emerging currents in modern architectural thought and practice. Teaching is research-led and strives for an open, public character by addressing not only specialists in any given field, but more broadly those seeking creative approaches to the fundamental questions facing contemporary society and the built environment.

In a new format, the Summer School is a programme of design studios, field study, seminars and lectures that expands formal and intellectual resources in architecture. Professionals pooled from disciplines as diverse as fashion, art, graphics, industrial design, urbanism and film will explore varying approaches, agendas and techniques to offer alternative methods to architectural design as an extended field of research.

Central to all Visiting School programmes—led by key emerging voices, globally-recognised architects and designers, and local experts—is that experimental, new and provocative forms of architecture are best learned from different forms of knowledge production. This summer twenty-four different programmes will promote, test and challenge global interests in architectural learning and exchange by embedding a diverse group of creative students in an array of unique rural, urban and internationalist contexts. Each programme dwells on global aspirations and local understandings, and questions and investigates notions of locality, tradition, and innovation. 

AA Summer Programmes 2019

Summer Sessions
Sessions led by Kunlé Adeyemi, Shumon Basar, Tatiana Bilbao & Fernanda Canales and Sarah Herda, among others

Summer School
Units led by Andrea Bagnato & Ivan Munuera, Rory Hyde, OMMX and Troy Therrien, among others

AA Visiting Schools (June to September 2019)

Pioneering Modes of in-habitation in the Extreme
Led by Giulia Foscari and Francesco Bandarin

Naples, Italy
Moulding Matters Phase II
Led by Jessica Pappalardo

Paris, France
Architecture & Ecriture
Led by Caroline Rabourdin

Hooke Park, Dorset
Furnishing the Landscape - Maeda Workshop
Led by Shin Egashira

Moscow, Russia
Moscow's River
Led by Alexandra Chechetkina

Lugo, Italy
Lugo Land Analog Photography
Led by Sue Barr, Francesco Neri and Luca Nostri

Led by Elif Erdine

Lyngør, Norway
The Island Reader
Led by Amandine Kastler and Erlend Skjeseth

Budapest, Hungary
The Uncommon Walk
Led by Doreen Bernath and Pei Yee Yong

Zurich, Switzerland
Exhibiting Architecture – Media, Methods, Agents
Led by Lennart Wolff

Berlin, Germany
Led by Jorge Godoy Roman and Ana Zatezalo Schenk

Asinara, Italy
Casting Castaways
Led by Paolo Emilio Pisano and Sabrina Puddu

Stuttgart, Germany
The Laboratory
Led by Marianne Mueller and Fahim Mohammadi

Middle East
Beirut, Lebanon
Things that are Fascinatingly Boring
Led by Rana Haddad

Melbourne, Australia
New Paper II
Led by Mond Qu

Tokyo, Japan
Ring of Fire
Led by Bárbara Barreda and Felipe Sepulveda

Mumbai, India
Led by Nicolas Cabargas Mori, Marco Corazza and Tejas Sidnal

Santiago/ Stockholm, Chile/ Sweden
Concrete Panels: A Digital History
Led by Pedro Ignacio Alonso

São Paulo, Brazil
High-Line São Paulo
Led by Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee

New York, New York
Urban Futures
Led by Ali Farzaneh and Andrew Haas

Cusco, Peru
Nanotourist Strategies for Cusco
Led by Aljoša Dekleva

El Alto, Bolivia
La Paz
Led by Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri

Izabal Lake and Amatique Bay, Guatemala
Led by Gustavo Romanillos

Amazon Rainforest
The Tropical Digital
Led by Marko Brajovic and Nacho Marti

Lima, Peru
Adaptive Transport Machine V.02
Led by Federico Dunkelberg and Sophie Le Bienvenu

Las Pozas, Mexico
Montem - Towers of an Era
Led by Umberto Bellardi Ricci and Carlos Matos

Los Angeles
Mars 3.0
Led by Kais Al-Rawi

Architectural Association School of Architecture
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