CHAPTER 1NE: Edson Sabajo & Guillaume Schmidt: Can’t be greedy… You gotta take some, and leave some.

CHAPTER 1NE: Edson Sabajo & Guillaume Schmidt: Can’t be greedy… You gotta take some, and leave some.


Photo: Menno Kok.

June 18, 2019
CHAPTER 1NE: Edson Sabajo & Guillaume Schmidt
Can’t be greedy… You gotta take some, and leave some.
June 21–September 1, 2019
Investigations: July 12, 8–10pm, on fashion and clothing led by Fantastic Man and Patta.
Rich Medina & Ebony G. Patterson: July 19, 8:30am, lecture-performance on core artistic elements of hiphop.
Boxing Gala (closing): August 31, 4pm, boxing tournament with music, dance battles and rap performances.
Warmperserij 1
1505 RL Zaandam
The Netherlands
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Het HEM presents its inaugural Chapter 1NE, featuring a group exhibition, Boxing Clinic and public programme that highlight the institution’s commitment to bring art and community closer together, as well as its focus on an inclusive, interdisciplinary and immersive cultural experience. 

Participating artists and collaborators: Michele Aboro, Quentley Barbara, Sanford Biggers, Roxette Capriles, Victor Crezée, Aria Dean, Fantastic Man, Menno Kok, Gabriel Lester, Erik van Lieshout, Dana Lixenberg, Neo Matloga, Terence Nance, Navid Nuur, Rich Medina, Piet Parra, Ebony G. Patterson, Adrian Piper, Rammellzee, Farida Sedoc, Sanlé Sory, Boris Tellegen, The Black Archives, Tom Trago. 

Kim Tuin, Director of Het HEM: “Culture happens in communities. Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt leave a unique mark on the cultural life of Amsterdam, always seeking adventurous collaborations in a dynamic circle of known and lesser known creatives. At Het HEM, we aim to widen these circles even more, providing an exciting platform for visitors from various backgrounds to encounter both interesting forms of art and each other.”

Each chapter at Het HEM is developed in conversation with an invited guest curator, whose ideas, experience and personal story can offer a new and different perspective on our current society. Chapter 1NE of Het HEM shares the story of Edson Sabajo and Guillaume Schmidt, a creative entrepreneurial duo best known for their successful streetwear and lifestyle brand, Patta. Deeply rooted in Hip Hop Culture, Sabajo and Schmidt are considered cultural vanguards. Whilst constantly in contact with their artistic and musical environment, they represent a new generation of “homo universalis”: multi-talented makers led, not by convention, but by forging their own creative paths.

“Can’t be greedy…You gotta take some, and leave some” are the famous words of James Brown, “the godfather of soul” who at times used his voice to communicate his political and social beliefs. This motto serves as a red thread through the exhibition and its associated public programme, exploring culture as something that is fluid and passed on from one person to the other. In addition, it also articulates a personal motivation for Sabajo and Schmidt, who in their creative entrepreneurship thrive to make a lasting contribution.

Departing from Sabajo and Schmidt’s interest in Hip Hop Culture, Chapter 1NE focuses on the artistic language of sampling and assemblage, as well as on the philosophy of learning by doing as the basis for the emergence of new cultural narratives. The artworks presented in this exhibition unfold an associative story about the role of communities in the development of culture; the importance of role models of colour within our society; and the emergence of a powerful and expressive urban culture that develops beyond established cultural venues and the establishment.

A central element is the Boxing Clinic, a ten-week-long intensive training programme orchestrated by seven-time boxing world champion Michele Aboro. Boxing is approached as a holistic practice where participants are trained, not only physically, but also mentally and creatively. On Saturday, August 31, the clinic culminates in a spectacular Boxing Gala, where the audience can watch the participants compete for a championship belt, combined with exclusive dance-, rap- and other performances. The Boxing Clinic and Gala are hosted in a commissioned art installation designed by visual artist Gabriel Lester.

Alongside the exhibition and Boxing Clinic, Het HEM also presents an extensive public programme consisting of (musical) performances, talks and guided tours, including Victor Crezée, Rich Medina, The Black Archives, and more.

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June 18, 2019

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