June 8, 2019 - TBA21–Academy - Ocean-Archive.org
June 8, 2019


Skye Moret, Antarctica: a Chromatic Paradox, 2015. Digital interface.

Climate Justice for a Living Ocean
September 28, 2019

Call for collaborators: September 28, join a network of autonomous responses
Ocean Space livestream: September 28, 3–7pm, on Ocean-Archive.org


archive [​at​] tba21-academy.org

The global movement for climate justice is growing stronger and more vibrant as environmental activists call attention to the crises of biodiversity extermination and climate change. The existential stakes of this struggle have recently been announced in protest marches on every continent: “we are not defending nature, we are nature defending itself.” This movement must be resolutely connected to the ocean, a vital element of the climate system, and a vast but vulnerable living entity upon which all terrestrial life inexorably depends. A flourishing ocean now depends in turn on the struggle for climate justice.

Climate Justice for a Living Ocean is prompted by the release of the forthcoming Special Report on the Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, to be issued by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The event at the Ocean Space in Venice, Italy, convenes a network of artists, activists, scientists, policy experts, and frontline community leaders to critically examine the implications of the report. It will review the report’s dire statistics to emphasize the urgency of coordinated climate action. But, the event will also focus on current initiatives, ongoing and future actions, and localized responses to ask: how would the state of the ocean change if existing conservation efforts were amplified and expanded? How can bolder politics and policies ensure meaningful commitments to ocean health? What cultural practices, literacies, and imaginaries can be shared and fostered across oceans to avert climate catastrophe?

Call for collaborators
Ocean-Archive.org invites arts and culture organizations worldwide to join a network of autonomous responses on September 28, 2019. Prior to Climate Justice for a Living Ocean, Ocean-Archive.org will distribute a video compilation to all collaborating organizations; these event partners are welcome to use the video as a point of departure for curating their own localized responses, events, and conversations. By supporting local initiatives for ocean conservation and protection, these partner events will create spaces to gather community around shared concerns and collective actions.

To collaborate by hosting an event, receive updates, or support us, visit:

Ocean Space livestream
The Ocean Space in Venice, Italy, will host the flagship Climate Justice for a Living Ocean event, livestreamed on the Ocean-Archive.org on September 28, 2019 from 3-7pm CEST.

Initiated by the TBA21–Academy, Ocean Archive is being developed by User Group in collaboration with Across the Cloud and Lucid.

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