June 16, 2019 - Onomatopee - June 2019 projects and programs
June 16, 2019


Courtesy Onomatopee.

June 2019 projects and programs
The entreprecariat, secret messages, mapping technocracy, decolonisation and exoticism and more
June 16–23, 2019

Onomatopee Projects
Lucas Gasselstraat 2a
5613LB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Hours: Thursday–Sunday 1–5pm


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Do or Delegate
Entrepreneurial Means and Precarious Ends

The exhibition questions the entrepreneurial shift from art to art direction. What kind of labor goes into art? Who are the ones performing it? Which activities, side-jobs, formal and informal economies constitute or limit a practice? 

Do or Delegate probes the asymmetrical power relationships shaping the ever-evolving landscape of "work," conceived as a dynamic resource that can be performed, delegated, outsourced, crowdsourced, transformed, destabilized, disguised, displaced, concealed and revealed, rejected and reclaimed. 

Curator / editor: Silvio Lorusso
Participating Artists: Jeff Thompson, Deconstructeam, Constant Dullaart, Pilvi Takala, Alina Lupu, Andy Kassier, Cory Arcangel and Michael Frumin, Elisa Giardina Papa, Ottonie von Roeder, Sebastian Schmieg, Stefán Stefánsson

Eindhoven Footnotes: Tales From a Technocratic City

A grassroots, participatory investigation of the lived experiences of citizens in a technocratic city. Through the lens of design, writing, researching, archeology and artistic practice, the city will be dissected by an editorial board overseeing a group of participants of various backgrounds. There is a permanent, open source and public reference library and research space based at Onomatopee, which also serves as a base for our actions. It's from here that we expand out into the city.

Curator: Josh Plough
Editorial board: Paolo Patelli, Jacqueline Schoemaker, Jan Schevers, Ben van de Broek and Josh Plough.


Hutong Whispers
A solo show by Amy Wu

Amy Suo Wu invites us to enter a space filled with steganographic messages that are hidden "between the sheets." Steganography is a form of secret writing that disguises hidden information within the public realm. Hutong Whispers co-opts three elements that are omnipresent in the Chinese urban landscape, namely bed sheets, Shanzhai fashion (a Chinese phenomenon that features nonsense English), and QR codes. The audience is invited to discover and uncover the sensitive and suppressed knowledge that is hidden within these laundry lines.

Curator: Joannette van der Veer

The Great Ephemeral Skin
A solo by Hadasah Emmerich

Body and identity, the sensory and the sensual, the commodification of the erotic and the exotic: these are frequently recurring themes in Emmerich’s work. The sensuality of her painting resides not only on the surface of the (erotic) image but also in her refined use of colour and technical execution.

This month's public program:

Friday, June 21, 7-9pm 
Book launch, Talk / lecture
Super book event
Exoticism, Decolonization, Design, Graphics, Art and More

Hadassah Emmerich's' publication, The Great Ephemeral Skin, deals with exoticism, where the new Field Essays, through dach&zephir, probes decolonisation in design. Furthermore, both transfer their content through crafty, graphic processing. 

Curator and critic Nina Folkersma presents the new work of Hadassah Emmerich, with accordingley Field Essay's graphic designer In Edition and editor/curator Sophie Krier,  writer Olivier Barstow and Martiniqan poet André Lucrèce about the nature of creolization processes.

Saturday June 22, 1:30-7pm 
Meet-up, Talk / lecture
Bring Your Own Time, Bring Your Own Bricks.
A reflective day of conversations and performances that touch on precarity in the creative sector, presented in the framework of the Do or Delegate exhibition.

Small institutions vying for funding, people trying to mobilise and start new communities or the relevance of doing nothing: there is a want and need for things to add up. 
With Joram Kraaijeveld /Platform B.K, Natalie Hartjes, Silvio Lorusso, The Amsterdam Labour Community, Alejandro Cerón and performances by Stefán Stefánsson and Alina de Lupa. Organized by Josh Plough


About Onomatopee:

Onomatopee Projects, founded in 2006 and directed by Freek Lomme since, is a curating and editorially led public gallery and publisher. Taking the hub of Eindhoven as a starting point to mount globally relevant programs, Onomatopee produces visual criticality and advocates progressive culture. Onomatopee self-initiates transdisciplinary projects, accepts commissions and collaborates with individuals and institutions.  

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