July 11, 2019 - Art Sonje Center - Game a Game /invite you_
July 11, 2019

Art Sonje Center

Game a Game/invite you_ exhibition view plan, 2019. © Nexon Foundation.

Game a Game /invite you_
July 18–September 1, 2019

Art Sonje Center
87 Yulgok-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu
03062 Seoul
South Korea
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 12–7pm

T +82 2 733 8944
F +82 2 733 8377

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Game a Game /invite you_ commemorates the 25th anniversary of Korean online games. “/”, the slash, is a command symbol widely used in the online game chat system. The exhibition implies to “invite” each and everyone who enjoyed, enjoys and will enjoy online game. The cursor, “_”, is to open conversation over online game, blinking with the audiences’ original perspectives and interpretations.

The online game has become one of the most progressive ways of communication with its interactiveness between virtual and real space. Korean online game is a virtual content with global competitiveness and a fundamental media that leads to unpredictable changes in real world. As users’ participation adds touches on the developers’ virtual world and AI that analyzes and reacts to the accumulated data comes into play, online game is now standing in front of the unprecedented paradigm shift. Game a Game /invite you_ let the audience see, experience and interpret online game with its 25 years of communal history and personal narrative piled on the boundary of virtual, reality and past, present. It is not only an exhibition but also a game inside a game.

Nexon Foundation, established by the first and the biggest online game company of Korea, NEXON, is hosting Game a Game /invite you_. Nexon Korea Intelligence Labs and Nexon Computer Museum have led the planning of the exhibition.



Games: The Kingdom of the Winds (1996-), QuizQuiz (Qplay) (2000-2015), Crazy Arcade BnB (2001-), MapleStory (2003-), Mabinogi (2004-), KartRider (2004-), Sudden Attack (2005-)

Nexon Foundation : Nexon Company launched Nexon Foundation in January 2018 to execute its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects more effectively, with the approval from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to establish a non-profit organization. Nexon Foundation will centralize the management of various projects that were previously run by core members of Nexon Company including NXC and Nexon Korea. At the same time, it will also focus on developing and launching new projects for children and youth. Nexon Foundation will continue to uphold its core CSR principles of “For children and youth,” “not one-time but sustainable support,” and “provide clear values such as creativity, health, and culture,” in strengthening its current projects and push for new opportunities at the same time.

Nexon Computer Museum: Nexon Computer Museum opened in July 2013 in Nohyung-dong, Jeju, to collect and preserve the history of computers and game culture and coexist peacefully with the local community. The museum’s collection boasts about 7,000 pioneering computer and game-related pieces including “Apple I,” “Engelbart Mouse,” and “Pong.” Visitors can view 400 major hardware pieces and 2,000 pieces of software, literature, and videos. The Museum successfully recovered the world’s oldest graphic MMORPG game titled “The Kingdom of the Winds” as part of its Digital Archiving Project. The Museum also hosts a variety of workshops for local Jeju children such as “HAT” and “NCM Children Advisory,” as well as career education programs for student developers under a program titled “Is IT your Dream?” As Korea’s and Asia’s first computer museum, Nexon Computer Museum surpassed 880,000 visitors as of April 2019.

Nexon Korea Intelligence Labs: Nexon launched Intelligence Labs in April 2017. The mission of Intelligence Labs is not only to advance the additional functions within online games but also to develop and apply an unprecedented system of machine learning and deep learning to create a more entertaining experience for users. Currently, Intelligence Labs is developing and implementing AI solutions commonly seen in ICT areas in games and game services.


Please refer our website for any updates on the exhibition. For further inquiries, please contact: 
ncm [​at​] nexoncomputermuseum.org

Art Sonje Center
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