July 30, 2019 - Asia Culture Center (ACC) - Jeongju Jeong, Rangga Purbaya: Light on the Move
July 30, 2019

Asia Culture Center (ACC)

[1] Tracing The Silence Passages, 2019. Single Channel Video, 00:11:31 Music: Kombatan Aspal Gronjal & Milisi Miskin Kota by Y-DRA Courtesy of the artist. [2] Former Armed Forces’ Gwangju Hospital 2019, architectual model of Former Armed Forces’ Gwangju Hospital in Gwangju made of formboard, video cameras, video projector, motors, Dimension Variables Courtesy of the artist.

Jeongju Jeong, Rangga Purbaya
Light on the Move
June 21–September 1, 2019

Asia Culture Center (ACC)
38, Munhwajeondang-ro, Dong-gu
ACC Creation
61485 Gwangju
Republic of Korea
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm,
Wednesday and Saturday 10am–7pm

T +82 1899 5566

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2019 ACC Matching Project: the Korean and Asian Artists Exhibition known as Light on the Move is an exhibit that examines the perspectives and expressions of artists living in the same era that are both the same and different by matching artists in Jeollanamdo including Gwangju and Asians artists based on the same keywords. With three keywords such as “light, space and history” that can symbolically reveal the characteristics of Gwangju, the exhibition aims to look into how the artists of the regions and Asia display their stories and perspectives on life. Through this, the plan is to visually reveal the sorrow of the modern history of Asia of different countries to the audience at home and abroad to sympathize with their sorrow. 

The exhibition introduces Jeongju Jeong as the artist of the region and Rangga Purbaya of Ruang MES 56 of Indonesia who participated in the 2018 ACC art space network residency. In the same way that Light on the Move, which is the name of the exhibition, signifies the moving light, the exhibition focuses on the fact that the two artists connect and are reminiscent of the historical spaces and memories in the process of the democratization of modern history by either moving lights directly or using the method of projection such as spotlights. In Jeonil Building of City of Gaze – Gwangju Jeongju Jeong, who was born and raised in Gwangju, reveals the gaze of the citizens that were evacuated to the historical space known as Jeonil Building. This became the symbol of an historical event, the May 18 Gwangju Democratization Movement that the artist experienced during his childhood through the camera lenses and the projection method of spotlights. In Letter to the Lost One that began with the story of his grandfather who was lost in the Indonesian Communist massacre of 1965, Rangga Purbaya discloses the stories of people who send letters to those who are lost by using a UV lantern as if he is fumbling through memories and pulling them up one by one.

The exhibition will introduce the artists of the regions and Asia in line with the hosting of ISEA2019 LUX AETERNA and The 18th FINA World Championships Gwangju 2019, which are both major international events that will be held in Gwangju. By doing so, the exhibition will allow those that visit Gwangju from home and abroad to reconsider the meaning of the “light” of Gwangju, which has been characterized as the town of light, through the perspectives of the artists and provide an opportunity to look into how Gwangju is a historical city that is connected to light. Through this, the exhibition will heighten the understanding about Gwangju and become a bridge that connects Asia’s cultural arts. 

Curated by RUE Young Ah


Host: Asia Culture Center
Planning & Production: Asia Culture Institute


Asia Culture Institute
President: Gi Pyo LEE
Artistic Content Production Division
Acting Director: JUNG Seung-jai

Curatorial Team
Exhibition Artistic Director: Sungwon KIM
Team Leader: Sung-A KWON
Curated by RUE Young Ah
Technical Managed by Myung-sung JEONG
Exhibition Support: Curatorial Team
Residency Support: International Exchange Team
Studio Support: Arts & Creative Technology Team

Design: LEE Ki-joon
Photo & Film: Jun-Ki KIM
Media: Team Mijiart
Transportation & installation: ARTrans

Cooperation of Making Artworks
Gwangju Metropolitan City: Culture Foundation Division of Culture, Tourism & Sports Bureau
May 18 Movement Advancement Division of Human Rights, Democracy, and Peace Bureau
The Armed Forces Medical Command : Hampyeong National Armed Force Hospital
Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism : Restoration Team of Hub City of Asian Culture
Ruang MES 56, Indonesian Arts Space, promotes LIGHT ON THE MOVE in Indonesia together.

Asia Culture Center (ACC)
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Light on the Move
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