September 25, 2019 - Onassis Culture - Artistic & curatorial research program
September 25, 2019

Onassis Culture

Photo: Elpida Fragkeskidou.

Artistic & curatorial research program
Fall 2019
September 16–December 8, 2019
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ONASSIS AiR would like to invite all interested to our Fall 2019, inaugural artistic & curatorial research program, running between September 16-December 8, 2019 in Athens, Greece.

ONASSIS AiR is a year-round program, located in the urban center of Athens, that grounds its mission in commitment to supporting artistic process and research, towards a less product-obsessed arts ecosystem.

ONASSIS AiR space, program and the resources are rooted in an un-disciplined, artist-run community of peers. A place where all the participants can work and think and eat together as a community that does not strive for the next project, the next premiere, the next product. A community and space that is very much local. A community that has the ability to pause, to rethink how each one of us functions within the society we live in. A space that offers time. Time to learn, to unlearn, to change, or go deeper, by doing and undoing or non-doing.

Fall 2019 program

The Critical Practices Program is a full time, 3-month encounter designed as a collective artistic research community for artists & curators.

The five participants of the Fall 2019 Critical Practices Program are: Myrto Katsimicha (Greece), Chrysanthi Koumianaki (Greece), Ines Muñozcano (Spain), Marina Miliou Theocharaki (Greece), Prodromos Tsinikoris (Greece). The invited mentor for the Fall 2019 Group Intensive is an artist and musician Raed Yassin (Lebanon).

September 18: the prologue to an automated workshop, The Thing, created by two artists, Ant Hampton & Christophe Meierhansi
September 19–21: the three-day DasArts Feedback Method Workshop will be facilitated by an artist Manolis Tsipos
September 30–October 3: The Thing: An Automatic Workshop in Everyday Disruption, an intensive, collective workshop created by artists Ant Hampton & Christophe Meierhansi
October 2:
Open Salon #1, devised, facilitated and hosted by the group of the 5 participants, or some members of the group
October 9–10: two-day Theory Seminar Sessions #1, will be facilitated and hosted by a curator Ioanna Gerakidi
October 14–November 8: Group Intensive designed by artist & musician Raed Yassin
October 15–16:
workshop with Irena Tomazin
October 16:
Open Salon #2
October 17–18:
workshop with Shady Elnoshokaty
October 22–November 3:
collective research trip to Yojikarta (Indonesia) where a parallel program of workshops, talks, studio visits, as well as attendance of the Yojikarta Biennale, and Open Salon #3, will take place
November 5–6: workshop with Markus Shimizu
November 6:
thematic dinner created by Markus Shimizu
November 7–8:
workshop with Mark Leckey and a public talk
November 8: Intens(ive) Party
November 13: Open Salon #4
November 18–22:
self-organised workshop sessions, The Blackboard Sessions, are organised individually by each participant. Guests will be announced at a later date
November 18–19: two-day Theory Seminar Session #2 with Ioanna Gerakidi
November 30–December 1
: Open Studio Days are open to the public, to peers, to invited guests, curators, and friends
December 5: Z PARTY

During fall 2019, Alaa Ghosheh (Palestine), Paribartana Mohanty (India), and Cate Giordano (USA) will take part in the (Inter)national artist & curator-in-residence program (AiR/CiR).

Through the ONASSIS AiR Exchange Residencies several artists and curators living and working in Greece will attend one of the partner institutions for the period of 2019/20: CAPACETE (Brazil) and the Beirut Art Residency / BAR (Lebanon). The selected artist for fall 2019 period are: Margarita Athanasiou (Greece). And finally, through the Emergency Fellowship program, curator Dania Giannoglou (Greece) & musician & artists Complex Shadow / Dimosthenis Babadie Kallay will be supported in their time-sensitive research projects.

ONASSIS AiR is designed and facilitated by Ash Bulayev & Nefeli Myrodia.

National & international press:
Onassis Culture Media Office: mediaoffice-culture [​at​]  / T +30 213 0 178001

Onassis Culture
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