August 9, 2019 - MEXTRÓPOLI - Arquine Competition No. 21: MEXTRÓPOLI 2020 Pavilion
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August 9, 2019
August 9, 2019



Arquine Competition No. 21: MEXTRÓPOLI 2020 Pavilion
July 1, 2019–January 10, 2020
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Summer temperatures were at 42 degrees Celsius in Paris. Torrential rains flooded some subway stations in New York. In June, a storm left ice that exceeds a meter in certain areas of Guadalajara. Perhaps for the inhabitant of big cities, the daily problems today are more the cost of rent, risks to their security, traffic or, in some cases, the refugee crisis. But none of that will be less with the climate crisis that is coming or is already here. The growth of cities seems unstoppable while 8% of carbon emissions in the world are produced only by construction with reinforced concrete. A few years ago, in MEXTRÓPOLI, we asked about the possibilities of the future as a capacity for political imagination, today it seems that the question is reduced to the possibility of any future. It seems alarmist. Maybe it is. But we must not forget that behind the “I want you to panic,” there is still a call of hope: I want you to act.

The International Architecture Competition Arquine calls for the design and build of a pavilion that temporarily inserts into the city. The pavilion must be able to generate from its own discourse a sustainable approach, which contemplates an open public program, and build a place for interaction between architecture and citizenship. Participants must design a structure that complies with the requirements that specify the rules of this competition in terms of time, cost and characteristics. The MEXTRÓPOLI Pavilion will become the benchmark per se of each edition of the Festival of Architecture and City.

Legal framework of the contest
This contest with jury intervention is open and anonymous in one phase and will follow the provisions of the administrative and technical rules. From the moment of registration, contestants agree to accept in its entirety and without appeal the regulations, techniques and procedures established in the administrative and the technical rules.

• Convene, on a universal basis, to submit ideas for the development and construction of a social pavilion, recyclable and reusable, which constitutes an element that announces and reports the current state of architecture, complying with the requirements established in these rules.

• Build the Pavilion as part of the International Festival of Architecture and City MEXTRÓPOLI, with the aim of becoming the benchmark, in each edition able to contribute to the festival themes for reflection and discussion on architecture and the city.

Information and consultation
Participants may send their questions to the address concurso [​at​] with the same email used to confirm registration. Complete answers and clarification will be made through the contest website and all contestants will have access. The list of questions and answers, along with the complete rules, will be provided to the jury. The list of questions will be published on the website of Arquine on the date indicated on the calendar.

First stage of registration
July 15–September 17, 2019
1,250 MXN or 75 USD (International registration)

Second stage of registration
September 18, 2019–January 3, 2020
1,500 MXN or 90 USD (International registration)

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