November 25, 2015 - National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea - Korean Air Box Project 2015: Julius Popp
November 25, 2015

Korean Air Box Project 2015: Julius Popp

Julius Popp, bit.fall pulse, 2015. Mixed media, dimensions variable.

Korean Air Box Project 2015: Julius Popp
November 10, 2015–September 4, 2016

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
30, Samcheong-ro
South Korea
Hours: Tuesday–Sunday 10am–6pm, 
Wednesday and Saturday 10am–9pm (6–9pm free of charge) 

T +82 2 3701 9500

The Korean Air Box Project series features an artist who has suggested an artistic vision for the future in the domains of international contemporary art, showcasing a large-scale, site-specific installation at Seoul Box, the most symbolic space of MMCA, Seoul. 

For 2015, the next-generation media artist Julius Popp presents his latest installation work, bit.fall pulse, which is the largest piece of his signature series entitled bit.fall, previously shown at various venues throughout the world. Within each of the four large containers stacked toward the ceiling of Seoul Box, hundreds of water droplets form a word, which then disappears after a very short time. As the different words repeatedly appear and replace the previous word in a cascade form, the viewer’s curiosity is instantly stimulated.

The title bit.fall pulse implies the “falling” of “bits,” the smallest unit of information. In other words, it represents the transient nature of information, with its extremely short life span and its “pulse” as it is rapidly disseminated around the world. Connected to the Internet in real time, the work measures the frequency of words used in Internet news feeds on the basis of the statistical algorithm devised by the artist and selects “water droplet words” in accordance to their importance. These “cascades of information data,” continually falling down in high speed, are metaphoric of the ephemeral qualities of information for which validity is less than a second and mirrors today’s information-overloaded society where people are not given enough time to understand and digest. Although the work will present words that are current, the artist focuses solely on the way people and society consume information and its simultaneous modifications that take place during the process rather than the individual meaning and value of the word.

This exhibition will also feature a film that documented the whole process from conceiving the idea to modeling, fabricating, transporting, installing, and artist’s interview.

Julius Popp
Julius Popp (b. 1973) graduated from the Leipzig Academy of the Visual Arts in Germany and has been featured in special exhibitions presented by leading art organizations throughout the world, including MoMA (2008), Musée d’Art contemporain de Lyon (2008), the Victoria and Albert Museum (2009), and ZKM (2015). Installed at the London 2012 Olympic Park, bit.fall has given Popp international fame. Working on the boundary between science and art, Popp has been delving into the nature of information and its interrelationship with man in the present digital age.

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Korean Air Box Project 2015: Julius Popp at MMCA, Korea
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
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