October 8, 2019 - Onomatopee - The (un)conservative, (un)fashioned, (un)decided, (in)dependent, (un)civil and more Design Museum Eindhoven
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October 8, 2019
October 8, 2019


Onomatopee in the making.

The (un)conservative, (un)fashioned, (un)decided, (in)dependent, (un)civil and more Design Museum Eindhoven
Opening of new permanent location of public gallery and publisher Onomatopee projects and their Design Week program
October 19–27, 2019

Onomatopee Projects
Lucas Gasselstraat 2a
5613 LB Eindhoven

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Onomatopee Projects is opening a new, permanent location during Dutch Design Week 2019. At Onomatopee, we present a range of international architects, designers, thinkers and more in relation to self-initiated projects alongside collaborations with biennales, art spaces, institutions and individual makers. In establishing a "Cultuurhuis" for our project-based operations, we will present a whole series of presentations, lectures, workshops, publications and more, together with a bar and riso-workshop. 

Onomatopee presents during Design Week:
–graphic design critique, 
–architectural interventions, 
–fashion research 
We seek to expand the traditional realm of each discipline into social practice, critical practice, futurology, empowerment and more. 

Our programme, coordinated by Onomatopee's "Design Activism Catalyst" Joannette van der Veer, includes various exhibitions on our 400 m2 floor, four book releases, three zine releases, poetry readings, typo and critical fashion workshops. Keynote lectures will include Depatriarchise Design, Francisco Laranjo, Silvio Lorusso, Channon Goodwin, Yamuna Forzani, Studio PMS and Marjanne van Helvert, Annelys De Vet and many more.

City Satellite projects
Although busy developing a new cultuurhuis base, we will not be neglecting our growing engagment within the city. We shortly begin a pilot for the "Residency for the people," a new 30m2 bar with upstairs 30m2 residency space in the annex of a church in the city centre. The project, initiated by Lucas Maassen, invites residents of the city to take initiative and design a "culture" of their own.

Meanwhile our new city curator Amy Gowen will activate a mobile public-space in the form of the Footnotes trailer in which we continue our critical engagement with technology and the sharing of space and resources within our smart city, as we did in last years Eindhoven Footnotes project led by Josh Plough.

To ensure you are up to date with all of our evolving and expanding projects, be sure follow us online.

Onomatopee Projects 
Onomatopee Projects seeks to provoke criticality as part of a progressive culture that stimulates resistant qualities. We aim to continually engage with the inner and outer dynamics of being a project-space, a public gallery and publisher. Founded in 2006 and directed by Freek Lomme since, Onomatopee Projects is a curatorially and editorially led public gallery and publisher that is especially known for its self-initiated and transdisciplinary work, where each project consists of a boundary-pushing exhibition and elevating publication.

Taking the hub of Eindhoven as a starting point to mount globally relevant programs of various sizes and interests, Onomatopee produce visual criticality and advocates for progressive culture: all to inspire in-depth experiences that provide critical nourishment for us all.

Onomatopee’s award-winning publications and experimental exhibitions are known for their technically sharp yet well-balanced design combined with progressive editing styles. By assembling compelling collaborations between artists, designers, academic thinkers, creative writers, architects, exhibition designers, graphic designers and more; our exhibitions’ curatorial formats challenge contemporary topics in unconventional ways.

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