October 31, 2015 - Cabinet - Issue 57 out now
October 31, 2015

Issue 57 out now

Issue 57, with a special section on “Catastrophe,” available now
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It would be calamitous if you missed:
Maria Golia on the deep history, and potential future, of Earth’s collisions with extraterrestrial debris
D. Graham Burnett oncatastrophe bonds andthe insurance industry’s bets on disaster
–George Prochnik in conversation with Anson Rabinbach on apocalyptic thought in the aftermath of the world wars
Patrick Lyons on surviving the end of the world in underground comfort
Walter Benjamin‘s 1931 radio program for children on the Lisbon earthquake of 1755

And a fiasco if you overlooked:
Matthew Spellberg on the medical and spiritual histories of ergotism, the condition also known as Saint Anthony’s Fire
Carmen Winant on the contributions and contradictions of feminist icon Germaine Greer
Adam Morris on the roots in the logging industry of the amusement park flume ride
Margaret Wertheim in conversation with Neil Sloane on the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Stassa Edwards on the polluted Thames during London’s Great Stink of 1858 
William Firebrace on the architectural and technological forms of Soviet cosmic thought –Sasha Archibald on the shark liver oil craze of the 1940s and the rise of vitamin culture
George Pendle on the PDSA Dickin Medal, an award recognizing animal bravery during times of conflict
George Scheer and Stephanie Sherman on the past and present of a postwar surplus store in North Carolina
Hayden Williams on the unexpected return of the color black
–And more, including the new installment of Kiosk, our quarterly notebook

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Cabinet issue 57 out now
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