October 19, 2015 - Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan - Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum
October 19, 2015

Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum

Courtesy MOCA Yinchuan.

Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum
September 20, 2015

MOCA Yinchuan
No.12 ,HeLe Road
Xingqing District
Yinchuan City
Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region


On September 20, the Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum was held at MOCA Yinchuan. The discussion at this year’s forum centered on the theme of “Systems-Building and Professional Innovation in Chinese Private Art Museums,” with focused discussion on “Orientation and Planning of Private Museums,” “Joint Exhibition and Exchange between Private Museums,” and “Academic Professionalism, Cultural and Creative Strategies for Private Museums.” During the two day forum, art museum professionals from around the world gathered to share their views on private art museums. 

The Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum was hosted by MOCA Yinchuan and initiated by 99 Artnet. Guidance was provided by the Ningxia Autonomous Region Communist Party Communications Department, the Ningxia Autonomous Region Culture Bureau, and the Yinchuan Binhe New District Management Commission. Support was provided by the Shanghai Pujiang New District Administration of Culture, Radio, Film and Television; academic support by the National Professional Commission on Art Museums, with special support from Artron and sponsorship from the Ningxia Minsheng Foundation for Culture and Arts Education. The forum was jointly organized by the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, Today Art Museum, the Long Museum, the Himalayas Art Museum, the Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, the Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art, Aurora Museum.

The Third China Private Museum Development Forum invited ten guest speakers from China and abroad: Katja Weitering, Artistic Director at the COBRA Museum of Modern Art; Berenberg Bank art consultant Thomas Kellein; M+ Senior Curator Dr. Pi Li; Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker, Director of the Frye Art Museum; Long Museum Director Wang Wei; Yuko Hasegawa, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo; Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei Director Shih Jui-jen; Sook-Kyung Lee, Research Curator at Tate Modern; Bartomeu Mari, director of the Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA); and Victoria Lu, Founder and Creative Director of Viki Lulu House and Taiwan Shih Chien University Professor. The hosts were MOCA Yinchuan Artistic Director Hsieh Su Chen, MOCA Yinchuan Trustee and Consultant Lu Peng, OCT Contemporary Art Terminal Director Luan Qian, Today Art Museum Director Gao Peng, Baolong Art Museum Director Wang Chunjie, Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art CEO Xue Mei, and Shanghai Power Station of Art Deputy Director Zhou Zhicong.

From private collections to national museums and private museums, from salons to white boxes to concepts without walls, the development of private museums has always strived to break the orthodox model of the traditional museum as memorial. As research has progressed on the global operations of private museums, questions such as how to establish institutional ethics for modern and contemporary private museums, how to break through the rivalries between private museums and traditional museums, how to fuse research and exhibitions, and how to strengthen the links between museum education activities and social development have all grown increasingly worthy of our exploration.

The China Private Art Museum Development Forum has now had its third successful installment, bringing participants from around the world to the famous historic city of Yinchuan. As a hallmark of urban culture in modern society, the art museum is an important component in the social life of the city’s residents. Be they in China’s coastal or interior regions, they must come together to exchange their experiences managing private museums, joining hand in hand to open up broader channels for development, share the advantages of their various regions, and promote the development of private art museums as a field. With the international exchange platform of the Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum, private museums from across the country can take a further step towards healthy, sustainable development. Meanwhile, in a departure from previous installments of the forum, MOCA Yinchuan Director Liu Wenjin has overseen the compilation and publication of Collected Essays of the Third China Private Art Museum Development Forum, preserving the results and insights of this academic gathering.

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